‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Obrecht May Spill One Of Her Secrets To Franco

Liesl Obrecht has something to tell Franco.

General Hospital stars on set.
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC Press

Liesl Obrecht has something to tell Franco.

Liesl Obrecht is just a chock full of secrets. She hasn’t been seen for a while, but she is expected to reappear on General Hospital next month. She has two secrets that she has been keeping to herself. This girl knows how to find exactly the right time to spill them when she feels the need to, and that time may just be around the corner.

Franco has struck up a friendship with Liesl. They both know how the other one thinks, considering both are considered villains in their own right. Franco has been redeemed, but Obrecht is still doing her thing making others squirm. She isn’t as evil as she used to be when she first came to Port Charles. However, she still that tendency. General Hospital spoilers coming up in July that SheKnows Soaps has posted indicates that Franco will get an earful from Dr. O.

July 8 is expected to be the big wedding celebration for Elizabeth and Franco. Spoilers say that Obrecht will confide in the groom sometime during the party. She, of course, will be there to celebrate with her BFF. However, there is something that she will end up sharing with him. Will she let him in on one of the secrets that she had been holding onto?

Liesl knows about the baby switch between Nelle and Brad. She has the power to blow the whole thing up. She may tell Franco all about it, but it is doubtful that she would spill the beans to him about the babies. There is a more likely conversation that they would have and it has to do with his good friend Nina, who is also Liesl’s niece.


She is fully aware that Valentin has been lying to Nina for months about Sasha being her daughter. Since Franco knows Nina very well, Liesl may let him in on that secret. There are no further details on why that would possibly be brought up between them, but maybe she is seeking some advice on what to do. She had come close to telling Nina that she was being lied to, but she backed off. She actually hinted to her niece that sometimes things aren’t always as they seem and Nina was curious about that.

What will Franco do if he does indeed find out about Sasha? Will he go to her and convince her to tell Nina the truth? Then there is Valentin. He stands to lose the most, but Sasha has admitted that she has grown very fond of her fake mother and now she wants to stay in Port Charles permanently.

Will Obrecht spill the secret to Franco about Sasha? Keep watching General Hospital to see what she will confide in Franco about.