Sommer Ray’s Bikini Dance Racks Up 1 Million Views In One Hour

Sommer Ray arrives at the Premiere Of Disney And Marvel's "Thor: Ragnarok" - Arrivals on October 10, 2017
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Sommer Ray knows how to rake in the social media engagement. The fitness model’s bikini updates have gained somewhat of a legendary reputation on Instagram. Paired with this 22-year-old’s infectious personality, they’re likely responsible for her 21.2 million followers.

On June 29, Sommer updated her account. With little more than a poolside bikini dance, Sommer managed to rack up over 1 million views in the about an hour.

The video showed Sommer in a pastel pink bikini. The two-piece wasn’t particularly outrageous, although her thonged briefs upped the ante. Appearing to enjoy her outdoor and sunlit setting, Sommer was filmed dancing to music near a pool surrounded by loungers and background greenery.

Something about this girl is addictive. Given that Sommer’s peers often rely on heavy makeup and glammed-up hair, this breath of fresh air seems to need none. She posted to Instagram, offering her natural beauty and wavy, waist-length hair; Sommer appeared in a natural state. The footage offered close-ups of Sommer mouthing along to the music. The focal point seemed to come with a more zoomed-out setup. Sommer sauntered over to the pool’s edge, shook her booty with full vigor, and waved her arms around. The video ended with the model blowing her fans a kiss.

Fans are absolutely loving it.

“Sommer Ray is so hot,” one fan wrote.

“Can we get married like right now,” another commented.

Many fans appeared to notice somewhat-abnormal skin manifesting on the model’s arm.

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“Is she sunburnt on her left arm? Lol,” one fan asked.

“What happened to your arm?” another queried.

By and large, comments offered this sensation praise. Sommer is adored for keeping it real and appearing to have no filter. Videos showing Sommer in candid or embarrassing settings are frequently posted to her account.

Ray seems to use bikinis as her trademark style, and humor as her trademark finish. Earlier this month, Sommer posted an Instagram video of herself dancing in a leopard-print bikini. The humor wasn’t lacking, though. The footage showed the model looking eager to party it up in Las Vegas, Nevada. It came contrasted by a grumpy-looking sister who seemed to be Ray’s opposite; Savana Ray wore somber blacks and refused to smile.

Much like today’s video, the Las Vegas post proved popular. It currently sits at over 4 million views.

One million views may not be novel in the world of celebrity Instagram updates, but racking them up in one hour is a major achievement. Fans wishing to see more of Sommer should follow her Instagram.