Ivanka Trump Blasted For Tagging Along With Her Dad At G-20 Summit: 'Is It Take Your Daughter To Work Day?'

Ivanka Trump is taking some heat online for tagging along with her father to the G-20 Summit, hobnobbing with world leaders despite her lack of experience in diplomacy or government.

President Donald Trump's eldest daughter took a front-and-center role at the meeting of world leaders taking place this weekend in Japan, where she was seen chatting with heads of state and even participated in a summit on women's rights. As Business Insider reported, the White House adviser took center stage at the Special Event on Women's Empowerment, where she advocated for initiatives that promote the economic empowerment of women.

"If we propose bold solutions and challenge the limits of the past, we'll empower women to lift their families out of poverty, to grow the economies in their countries and to deliver greater peace and prosperity to millions around the world," Ivanka Trump said.

While Ivanka earned some praise from other world leaders for her advocacy, she has been criticized at home for jumping into one of the largest meetings of heads of state despite her total lack of experience. Donald Trump has taken bipartisan criticism for elevating members of his family to key posts in the White House even though they had not done any previous work in government. That includes not only Ivanka Trump but also her husband, Jared Kushner, who Trump has put in charges of a number of key initiatives including addressing the opioid epidemic and creating peace in the Middle East.

Many took to Twitter to blast Ivanka for tagging along with her dad even though no other world leaders brought family members.

There were some awkward moments for Ivanka Trump as well, including a viral video that showed her attempts to jump into a conversation with some other world leaders.
Ivanka Trump's appearance at the G-20 Summit and the subsequent trip to South Korea wasn't all business. After she spoke at the women's empowerment summit, Ivanka and her dad were guests at a surprise party with members of the K-Pop boy band EXO during their time in South Korea. As the New York Post reported, Ivanka gushed over the group's performance at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, where she also tagged along with her dad to represent the United States.

At the party on Saturday, Ivanka was thrilled to receive an album from the members of the boy band.

"Oh, and it's signed!" Ivanka exclaimed as she was given the gift.