Emily Ratajkowski Sizzles In Barely-There Orange Bikini Draped On Red Car

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski has been posting photos from her European trip non-stop, sharing all the details with her followers. Ratajkowski was initially on the other side of the ocean because of some special events that Kerastase had lined up, a haircare company that she is currently the face of. However, it seems that she's found a way to turn a business trip into a vacation as well. Today, she shared a sultry picture with her followers that racked up over 200,000 likes in less than an hour.

In the photo, Ratajkowski is showing every inch of her toned physique. She's rocking a teeny, tiny burnt orange bikini that barely keeps certain parts of her anatomy covered. The scandalous swimsuit has draped fabric over her curves and high-waisted sides that leave little to the imagination. She has pulled her hair back in some kind of a headband and has a pair of strappy sandals on her feet. She also has a bag strapped around her shoulder, although she doesn't reveal what she's taking along on her adventure.

Though she's in a bikini, Ratajkowski isn't posing in front of a body of water or anywhere tropical. Instead, she's propped up against a red car in what looks like a fairly desolate field. The only clue about her actual location is the fact that there's a European license plate visible, so her fans know she's still abroad.

Perhaps her decision to wear a bikini away from the beach comes down to her California roots. She previously chatted about the California dress code she became familiar with growing up in Elle.
"I grew up in southern California and it really was a culture of girls living in their swimsuits. Here was this real confidence, and it was non-sexual, just women doing their thing, you know?"
Ratajkowski eventually decided to start her own clothing collection, Inamorata BODY, which sells everything from bandeau tops to bralettes. Ratajkowski explained a bit about the meaning behind the name in her interview with Elle.
"It has the Rata in it, but it means female lover, or like muse. And the idea to me is that it's not just like a man's idea of a siren — you love yourself, right? So, you're your own muse."
Ratajkowski has spent a lot of time wearing different lingerie and swimwear, so she likely has a good idea of what she wants to see on the market. Fans will have to keep their eyes open for the next pieces in the Inamorata BODY line.