Chrissy Teigen Took A Tub Of Gravy With Her Through Airport Security

Monica Schipper Getty Images

Flying can be a hassle these days due to strict security measures and many restrictions on what you can take with you. Apparently, one item that is allowed is gravy, according to Fox News. Chrissy Teigen, a model and the wife of John Legend, recently turned to Twitter to ask fans for advice regarding getting her gravy through airport security. There were some legitimate and some more comical tips, but in the end, Teigen was able to get her gravy onto her flight.

Teigen has a passion for cooking and has even released her own cookbook called Cravings in which she shares some of her favorite recipes. She’s also known for giving the occasional cooking tutorial on her social media platforms. Thus, it really wasn’t as odd as it might seem that the model was dead set on keeping her gravy by her side during her recent flight.

The 33-year-old shared a video to Twitter in which she and her assistant are trying to decipher how to get the dish through TSA, or Transportation Security Administration.

“Let’s play ‘Is cold gravy TSA approved?’ This is gravy, we’re trying to get it through security, what do you guys think? Is it a liquid, or a gel, or is it gravy in a solid form?”

Then came the onslaught of jokes.

“Just store it in a diaper. They won’t dare touch it,” one Twitter user remarked.

Many others asked why Teigen felt so strongly about bringing the gravy in the first place. She later explained that it was no small task creating the dish, as it contained quite a few ingredients. She was not about to dump it out in case she was denied her request to take it onboard.

“The gravy is a copycat Popeye’s Cajun gravy I found online. Ground beef and pork and lots of spices. You’d bring it with you too,” she told her Twitter followers.

As it turns out, you are allowed to bring gravy onto a flight, but there’s a catch. It must be accompanied by mashed potatoes, a rule that the Transportation Security Administration has since confirmed.

Teigen took full advantage of this loophole and later shared a follow-up video that depicted her assistant mixing the beloved gravy dish in with a container of mashed potatoes so she’d be able to take it onto the flight.

Teigen has had plenty of experience getting food onto planes and once shared that she brought an entire casserole with her on to her flight.