Bernie Sanders Says His First Executive Order Would ‘Reverse Everything’ Donald Trump Has Done To Immigrants

A picture of a migrant detention camp.
John Moore / Getty Images

Bernie Sanders hopes to erase Donald Trump’s immigration legacy with the stroke of a pen.

The Democratic presidential hopeful said this week that his first action as president would be to “reverse everything” that Donald Trump has done throughout his presidency to harm immigrants. Sanders was commenting on Twitter on a story about the treatment of immigrants being held in detention centers, vowing to reverse the Trump’s actions and policies.

The Bloomberg report detailed the life of immigrants in a federal detention center in Texas, noting that immigrants being held there are being given an unhealthy diet filled with processed and undercooked food. The menu for immigrants included frozen sandwiches, cold burritos, and potato chips, with some of the children and young mothers complaining of hunger.

“Details gleaned from government procurement data reflect what a nutritionist and two doctors described as a highly processed, unhealthy menu for families held in five detention centers operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Texas,” the report noted. “Breakfasts consist mostly of cereal bars, lunches of ramen noodles or bologna sandwiches and dinners of microwaveable burritos and chimichangas. Some healthier items, like oatmeal, applesauce and peanut butter, are also listed – but in much lower quantities.”

Toby Elizabeth Gialluca, a lawyer who volunteers for the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, said she found that people inside the detention centers were also suffering from negative health effects and not receiving proper medical care.

“They were vomiting and had diarrhea—whether from the flu or the food or a combination thereof, I can’t say,” she said. “Mothers would say, ‘my child can’t drink the water or eat the food, it makes them sick.’ ”

There have been a spate of immigrant deaths while in U.S. custody over the last two years, leading to criticism of the Trump administration for its treatment and approach toward immigration. Others have criticized the administration for closing entry points where migrants can legally enter the United States to seek asylum, forcing them to cross the border in more dangerous areas.

This week, the picture of an immigrant father and his young daughter who drowned trying to enter the United States by crossing the Rio Grande has led to more criticism of the Trump administration. As Time noted, the migrant had attempted to enter the country with his family to seek asylum after traveling from El Salvador. Frustrated, the family tried to cross the river, which led to the two deaths.