Perez Hilton New Baby: ‘Real Housewife’ Will Babysit

perez hilton's new baby snares a babysitter offer from kyle richards

When gossip blogger Perez Hilton announced the arrival of a new baby boy on his website Wednesday, most celebrities put aside their differences with the sometimes-catty reporter in order to welcome the new arrival.

As Kim LaCapria reported in The Inquistr, the openly gay Hilton was pretty cagey about the details. Perez didn’t reveal the name, birthdate, or much of anything else about the story behind the new baby’s arrival. But he sounded like any other enthusiastic dad when he announced “a beautiful and healthy baby boy – with lots of hair on his tiny head!”

Quite a few celebs helped welcome Hilton’s new son, including enthusiastic Real Housewives of Beverly Hillscast member, Kyle Richards, who offered to babysit for him “any time.”

According to the biography posted on her website, Richards is well qualified for the job, since she has four children herself. However, her offer might be considered exceptionally generous, considering some of the “playful” if not downright harsh posts on Hilton’s blog about Richards and other Real Housewives.

For instance, a recent post described a casting upheaval for the show as a “bloodbath” and said that Richards, along with two others, might be destined for “the chopping block.”

He also reported on a “feud” between cast member Adrienne Maloof and the producers of the hit show, and he didn’t mince words in his coverage:

“According to sources, the multi-millionaire and reality starlet claims she’s out because she believes the show has absolutely destroyed her family and personal life, although in actuality, it’s because she caught wind that she and her aforementioned co-star were going to be fired before production on season four began, and decided she wanted to go out on her own terms!”

Here are a few tweets from celebs generous enough to overlook Perez Hilton’s sometimes abrasive style:

However, not everyone was supportive of Perez Hilton. Despite the new baby, which normally might soften hearts, some people couldn’t resist the chance to fire back.


While the cattiness might be understandable, I’m a little queasy about attacking a father with a new baby. This Twitter poster agreed:

In any case, if the new baby humanizes Perez Hilton too much, it might not be as much fun to read his gossip. What do you think? Would you babysit for Hilton, or would you poke fun at his baby?