Chrissy Teigen Recalls The Times She’s Embarrassed Herself While Drinking

David LivingstonGetty Images

Chrissy Teigen is an American model and wife to singer John Legend. She’s popular on social media because of her candid posts which are often comical and relatable. She doesn’t try to portray a sense of perfection but rather tells things how they are and isn’t afraid to admit when she messes up. Teigen isn’t against drinking, but her relationship with alcohol is a lot different now than it used to be, according to TooFab.

On Thursday, the model stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and spoke to Cohen about her last experience on the show. She mentioned to him that she was once banned from the show for a period of two years because she’d gotten too intoxicated the last time she stopped by. Surprisingly, the ban wasn’t set into place by Cohen. It was Teigen’s publicist Marisa who made that decision.

Cohen laughed and responded, “Oh, my God! Thank you, Marisa, for letting her do it now.”

While this particular conversation remained lighthearted, Teigen has gotten open and honest about her struggles with drinking in the past. At one point, alcohol was nearly a part of Teigen’s everyday life. She would start out an evening by having a glass of wine as she got ready, and then down several more as the night went on. The result was that she would often embarrass herself at public events, such as award shows. The next day, she found herself feeling ashamed. She recalled this feeling during an interview with Cosmopolitan in 2017.

“And then I felt bad for making kind of an a** of myself to people that I really respected. And that feeling, there’s just nothing like that. You feel horrible. It’s not a good look for me, for John, for anybody.”

Teigen knew that she was drinking too much and that she was heading in a potentially dangerous direction if she didn’t change things. There was a history of substance abuse within her own family, and she knew how destructive alcoholism could be if she allowed herself to get to that point.

Thus she decided to go on a wellness retreat to Bali with her husband. During the trip she didn’t drink at all and could feel the difference in her overall health.

“I would wake up feeling amazing. My skin felt amazing. I was just so happy.”

The model now has two young children and has learned how to drink in a responsible manner, if she chooses to drink at all.