Bella Thorne Sizzles In Lacy Black Barely-There Bikini With New Boyfriend

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Bella Thorne has sent Instagram buzzing yet again with a risque photo of herself — or, in this case, two photos. Thorne flaunted her new relationship with musician Benjamin Mascolo in the pictures of the two of them spending some quality time together on a boat in Italy.

In the first shot, Thorne is sitting on Mascolo’s lap and rocking a super-skimpy black lace bikini. The barely-there swimsuit is a few pieces of black fabric attached with super-thin white strings, which you can see stretching across her curvy hip. Though she’s on a boat on the water, she opted to pile on the accessories, and is wearing a collection of silver necklaces, two watches, bracelets and more. In the first shot, she’s grinning from ear to ear, proving that her caption is definitely true.

In the second shot, she decided to flaunt her romance a little bit more by posting a picture of the duo sharing a kiss. As far as vacation destinations go, Italy is certainly a solid pick for a romantic getaway. Though their relationship is fairly new, if these pictures are any indication, things are probably going pretty well.

Many of her followers commented on the photo, but one of the sweetest comments came from Mascolo himself.

“Thank you for making my life so much better. I’m so lucky”

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I’m very happy w you ????

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Thorne has gone through some relationship changes over the past year. As Jezebel reported, she broke up with rapper Mod Sun in April and was living the single girl life for a while. However, Mascolo captured her attention fairly quickly, and the two began their relationship not long after.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see if she’s exclusively with Mascolo now, or if she’s continuing with her open relationship. As People reports, previously this year Thorne discussed her connections with her former partners.

“I don’t think anybody will really understand the bonds that I share with Mod or Tana. Yeah, we joke around about poly, but we aren’t in the sense that we don’t put a word, a box or label too many things.”

For the time being, things with her new beau seem to be going well. Hollywood Life reported on the relationship, adding a little extra insight thanks to a source that spilled a few details.

“He FaceTimes her at least once a day but usually more. He’s been sending her a lot of flowers, he’s a very romantic guy, very sweet to Bella. And she thinks he’s so gorgeous. Who knows if this will last but right now it’s very full on, she’s only got eyes for him”