Cassie Randolph Flaunts Cleavage In A Purple Bikini Top

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

The Bachelor’s Cassie Randolph is enjoying herself in Bermuda, and it wasn’t just a fun vacation. She headed to a photoshoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine with her sister, Michelle. The two have a very strong resemblance to one another and clearly have a close relationship. It also looked like Colton Underwood joined Cassie, and the two have been sharing cute selfies from their trip. It’s clear that the two are s into each other as ever before.

In her newest update, Cassie lay on her side wearing a purple, pink, and yellow bikini top with a blue towel wrapped around her waist. She propped up her head with her right hand and smiled at the camera with her lips closed. She sported pink lipstick and dark eye makeup and looked happy as she posed in front of an oceanfront view. The photo was geo-tagged at the Loren at Pink Beach. It’s garnered over 143,000 likes so far, including likes from prior co-star Kirpa Sudick.

Prior to that, Randolph shared a couple of photos of herself and Colton. This included a shot of the two of them with white helmets, as they appeared to have enjoyed a fun scooter ride around town. The popular couple drew in over 186,000 likes. Cassie looked great in a red top, as she wore light pink lipstick and wore her hair down. Colton, on the other hand, wore a white shirt and khaki colored pants.

During the interview with Cosmopolitan for the magazine, Cassie dished on some of Colton’s personal details. But she also opened up about one thing that he seemed to notice about her right away, which might be a lot different than what you’d imagine.

“I hate uncomfortable shoes. Colton would make fun of me because on The Bachelor, I wore the same Velcro heels to almost every cocktail party. The first time I wore them, he noticed. He was like, ‘I’ve never seen a girl wear Velcro heels!'”

“Colton is very hygienic. He really likes to be clean. And clipping his nails. He always has, like, clean nails,” she added.

“Honestly, Colton is super into style and he’s a lot bolder than I am,” continued Randolph, as she also noted that he likes to pamper her.

While the couple’s time on The Bachelor was tumultuous, it looks like their choice to do things their way is paying off. It might all be thanks to Cassie’s dad, who had the nerve to show up during filming to tell his daughter exactly what he thought about the whole thing.