Bella Thorne's Lingerie Pic Launches Thin Mint War: 'Where Do You Live Where They're $24.95 Per Box?'

It's been three days since Bella Thorne took to Instagram to pose in her version of a Girl Scout-themed outfit. On June 26, the Midnight Sun actress took to the platform in a racy green-and-white getup. Her miniskirt and camisole-like lingerie sent out plenty of sex appeal. A caption spoke to anyone in America who has purchased the country's much-loved Girl Scout Cookies.

Bella discussed one of the most popular purchases made by Americans. She also mentioned a rather high price tag. Fans seem to have picked up on the cost. The comments section to Bella's post has now turned into a mini-war – clearly, Instagram is out to debate the cost of Thin Mints.

"Ok nobody gunna talk about the fact that its [sic] 24.95," one fan wrote.

Their comment proved popular, racking up over 40 likes. The user also appeared to have generated agreement.

"Best comment here," a fan responded.

Probing over Bella's listed price didn't come as an isolated comment, though. One user threw out their thoughts.

"Where do you live where they're $24.95 per box? They're $4/box here"
"Wow that's overpriced. Are we paying for your dignity too?" was another comment.

Whether or not Bella was joking about the cost hasn't been clarified. The actress simply seemed out to showcase her Girl Scout outfit – possibly also her favorite cookie.

Fortunately, for Bella, the majority of comments seemed to be giving the update the thumbs-up. That said, the platform did appear particularly hell-bent on probing the mentioned treat. Alongside queries of whether or not the price included delivery, one fan related uncertainty over whether the famous cookies even offer "gingerbread." The thought seemed echoed by a separate user.
"Wtf is a gingerbread thin mint??" they wrote.

Bella may have missed the mark with her references, but she didn't appear to have failed overall. The update proved popular, racking up over 700,000 likes. More than 3,000 comments were left.

Bella herself has been making major headlines of late. The star's nude photo-hacking scandal was front-page news earlier this month. Allegations from the actress that a hacker had threatened to release nude photos of her came with a bold move – Bella took to social media and posted topless images of herself. Bella having taken nude images of herself was then slammed on The View by actress Whoopi Goldberg.

As fans will know, many of Bella's Hollywood peers came in to support her following Goldberg's comments. They included Dove Cameron and Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale, per The Inquisitr.

Instagram may be at war over Thin Mints, but it looks like Bella is staying popular.