Ayesha Curry Shares Hilarious Shots Of Stephen Curry Imitating Her Poses

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Ayesha Curry has been making the press rounds lately to promote her latest project, a cooking competition television show called Family Food Fight. She’s been sharing some of her spicy press tour outfits on Instagram with her followers, including a sizzling pink jumpsuit look.

While the press tour is now over, and Ayesha has primarily been posting teasers to encourage fans to check out the show, her husband, Stephen Curry, decided to have a little fun. After all, now that his season with the Golden State Warriors has wrapped up, Stephen has a bit more time on his hands for messing around.

In the two photos, Ayesha shared a side-by-side shot of herself posing in a pink jumpsuit, with Stephen copying her pose. In the first, she’s posed on her steps, showcasing her legs and looking off into the distance. Stephen copied the pose while wearing a headband and bath towel — definitely not as sultry as Ayesha’s look.

The second shot was a close-up of Ayesha’s face with her eyes closed, as she showed off her vibrant pink eyeshadow look. Stephen copied that as well, hilariously sharing a shot of himself smiling with his eyes closed — although he didn’t have any perfectly blended pink eyeshadow to flaunt.

Fans found Stephen’s antics hilarious, with one commenting “husbands always keep us humble don’t they” and another saying “who did it better? (Not Steph…)”

The Curry family have three children, daughters Riley and Ryan, and their newest, a son named Canon. While both Ayesha and Stephen love their children, Ayesha got candid in an interview with HelloGiggles and shared about how they keep their marriage strong by prioritizing their relationship above all else.

“The biggest thing, both of our parents are still married and have been married for 30-plus years, and the one thing that they both shared with us — some through learning it the hard way, some through just making sure that they do it — is just making sure that we put each other first, even before the kids, as tough as that sounds. Putting ourselves first, and making sure that we make time for date nights and for each other. That’s been very important, as hard as it is…it’s not us being selfish, it’s making sure we set a strong foundation.”

While they’re not quite close to their parents’ 30-year marriages, Ayesha and Stephen are slowly approaching their 10-year marriage anniversary. They tied the knot back in 2011, and began building their family soon after.