Miley Cyrus Twerking In Leather Lingerie Racks Up 1 Million Views In Five Hours

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Miley Cyrus has been busy sharing stage footage from yesterday’s performance at Denmark’s Tinderbox 2019 concert. The SHE IS COMING singer went all-out, belting out tracks from her newly released album. The 26-year-old appeared to have done similarly with her stage outfit. The June 29 video showing the star shaking her stuff onstage has been racking up views – likely on account of the music, the outfit, and the sexy twerking.

Miley’s video showed her in the leather and latex outfit she’d picked for the night. Her black glossy pants covered her up, but the singer’s tiny leather bra was a different story. Super-sexy and laced-up, this lingerie upper was flaunting the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s feminine silhouette to the max. Miley had her rock-hard abs on show. Likewise her cleavage.

The footage showed Miley in full swing. SHE IS COMING‘s first “Mother’s Daughter” track was playing as Miley took a break from singing and sent out her best dance moves. The blonde was seen spreading her legs and bouncing her behind in a move that’s best interpreted as a twerk maneuver. Miley then threw her head back for the ultimate rock star finish.

The video has been racking up views. Within five hours of going live, over 1 million individuals had watched it.

One fan seemed to have caught the video just as it was posted.

“I can’t believe I was one of the first to see this I viewed this when there was only 3 views omg,” they wrote.

Another fan referenced Miley’s past on the Disney Channel.

“Hannah Montana grew up too fast,” they wrote.

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SHE IS COMING @ midnight tonight ! 5/31 ????

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This superstar’s days on Hannah Montana are now over a decade in the past. Miley recently took to Instagram to send her fans a throwback of her teen icon days – alongside current pictures of Cyrus in Netflix’s Black Mirror, the star posted a picture of herself as Hannah Montana and one of herself as her standalone music career was taking off. The Instagram update showing the 12-year timespan currently sits at 2.5 million likes.

Some comments to Miley’s twerking video expressed concern. Fans seemed to be wondering if Miley was under the influence of alcohol. By and large, though, this star’s die-hard fanbase seemed out to support her. They’ve likewise proven supportive during a difficult moment for Miley earlier this month – the star was groped by a male fan as she attempted to make her way through a crowd in Barcelona, Spain. Miley held her own, though.

She responded to the incident by saying she “won’t be grabbed,” per BBC’s Twitter.

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