Isabelle Mathers Rocks A Black Bikini In A Series Of Film Photos


Instagram model Isabelle Mathers has done amazingly for herself on the social media platform. Despite facing an incredible amount of competition, she’s managed to carve out a place for herself in the modeling world, garnering over a million fans on Instagram alone. One of the brands she often works with is a swimsuit brand called Fae. They previously collaborated with Sports Illustrated during their SI model search campaign.

A new photo by Fae shows Isabelle looking as amazing as ever. But unlike most of the photos that are uploaded to the platform, the captions revealed that these were film photos. Film photography, while less convenient and more time consuming, offers a different aesthetic than digital photography. The photos of Isabelle confirm this, as the photos had a raw quality that made them pop.

The backdrop of the photos appeared to be a regular city street, as she stood in front of a sports car while wearing a black bikini. The top had a triangular shape in the front center, while the bottoms had a very high cut. She stood with her left foot popped in the first photo, and looked straight at the camera with her hair blowing behind her.

On the other hand, the second and fourth photos of the series were closeups of Mathers’s body. Her head was cropped out, so the focus was on her midriff, as she stood by the car with the door open. The images appeared to be a hit with fans, garnering over 4,900 likes.

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A film series ???? @isabellemathersx x @clint

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The model previously opened up to Bond Gold Coast News about her modeling career. The interview was conducted in tandem with her modeling friend, Saskia.

“Saskia and I use to do shoots together before we joined our agencies but because we are both different looks with different agencies it is hard to get noticed now together.”

“I love that my best friend can do exactly what I’m doing and when Sas gets jobs and does a big shoot, it’s nothing but excitement from me,” added Isabelle, as her friend also spoke highly of her in return.

Mathers also opened up about misconceptions people have sometimes about her modeling career. Because while it may look easy to have an incredible social media presence and a modeling career, it takes a lot of work behind the scenes.

“In saying that, it’s still not an easy job and a lot of people overlook modelling as a bludge or a nothing job but it is so much more than that.”