Alessandra Ambrosio Bares Derrière As She Jumps Into The Water On Instagram

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Alessandra Ambrosio was photographed for Maxim Magazine, and a sneak peek shows that the image perfectly captured the spirit of summer. In the photo, Alessandra was caught mid-air as she jumped off a dock into the water. She must have gotten a great start, as she was spotted pretty high in the air. The model wore what looks like a leather jacket, along with nude-toned thong bottoms that gave the illusion of her being nude. While the top of her head was cropped out, it’s possible to see that Ambrosio had a huge smile on her face. Behind her, you could see the ocean, along with a rugged mountain coastline. The image was shot by Gilles Bensimon, and the update has been liked over 3,000 times.

Meanwhile, the model has been sharing her own amazing photos on social media. This included a post yesterday, where she shared two pictures of her view. The posts were geo-tagged in Erechim RS and showed an incredible view. The first included a hazy sky, along with a foggy valley with mountains and trees. The second photo showed what looks like a rising sun, making the view even more spectacular. Fans appreciated the update, liking it over 25,000 times.

Thanks to the weather, Alessandra’s fans have also noticed that she’s been sharing a ton of swimsuit pics. Plus, she’s been posting photos of her family too. This includes a family Instagram selfie that was geo-tagged at the Piazza del Duomo. The first photo in the set had a colorful, playful vibe, thanks to a lens flare or filter that she used.

And while Alessandra looks just about perfect in her photos, she admitted to Vogue UK that she’s had some hair disasters in her life.

“When I was maybe 14 I tried to dye my hair by myself, so I went to the pharmacy and bought some colour because I wanted dark blonde hair. It was a disaster. My hair was orange – it was so wrong for me. When you see yourself after you did it you feel as though you did everything the packet said but it turns out to be very, very different to the pictures! So that’s the only time I’ve ever tried to colour my own hair – I learned my lesson!”

The model added that she started working in the industry shortly after, so she had to cut her hair. Obviously, that did not impede her path to success, as she’s now a widely recognized model.

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