Kendall Jenner Goes Braless Under An Open Blazer On Instagram

Brendon ThorneGetty Images

Kendall Jenner looked amazing in a new Instagram post that showed her posing braless under an open blazer. The photo was part of her photoshoot for L’Officiel, with the cover showing an innocent-looking Kendall as she wore bare makeup and playfully touched her hair. The magazine cover was shared on Instagram by the photographer, who clearly had a great time working with Jenner.

The blazer photo was in black and white, offering a dramatic mood thanks to her chic outfit. It appeared to be a leather jacket and pants combo, as she tugged at the front left lapel with one hand and placed her other hand in her pocket. Kendall wore dark lipstick, and wore her hair in a middle part with a hint of hair styling gel. She kept her accessories minimal, with a simple necklace and bracelets on her left wrist.

But that’s not all, as the photographer, Russell James, also shared another photo from the shoot. In it, Kendall wore bright red lipstick, which appears to be the same as in the black-and-white photo. However, the photo was all about her face and emotion, as she opened up her mouth very wide while crinkling her nose. It almost looked like she was laughing or screaming. Her eyes were shut, but the image had a playful vibe.

Recently, Jenner opened up to Elle about her experiences with acne when she was in high school. Of course, acne is one of the unpleasant side effects of puberty. But being in the public eye constantly made her phase of acne a little more stressful than for most people.

“When I started breaking out, I was kind of crazy about it. I would go to a pharmacy, buy everything that treats acne, and put it on. I just wanted to be clean at all times. If I ever have make-up on, I get every inch of it off. I’ve always been super clean. My friends make fun of me because I cannot go to bed without washing my face. I’m also a hypochondriac so I felt like if I touched my face I’d die. I was so bad.”

And while Kendall clearly has vivid memories of bad skin, it certainly doesn’t look like it’s a problem for her now. In all of her newest photos, her skin looks glowing. She’s been busy as ever too, it looks like, as the magazine cover is bound to be a happy surprise to her over 112 million Instagram fans.