Barbara Palvin Gets Flirty In A Low-Cut Swimsuit On Instagram

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

While Barbara Palvin is often associated with Victoria’s Secret, even becoming an Angel this year, she’s also highly sought-after by many of the world’s hottest brands. Her newest Instagram post revealed a new video ad for Giorgio Armani, which was shot to promote their new scent, Acqua di Gioia and Acqua di Gio.

The video started with Barbara sitting on a flowy, white cloth at the beach. Her back was facing the camera, and she wore a super low-cut one-piece swimsuit that plunged dangerously to her lower back. The swimsuit was white, which looked expensive and chic against the ocean backdrop. Barbara looked over her left shoulder, as it cut to a blond male model’s face. The two were seen running into the water and giving each other sultry looks.

Barbara’s popularity on Instagram is undeniable, and her newest video captured many of her fans’ attention. The post has over 1 million likes so far. In addition to the video, Barbara shared a still photo from the shoot. It showed her in the white swimsuit, except she partially wore a white button up shirt. She posed against a white wall, while the ocean was visible behind her to her right.

And while it may have looked like Palvin was getting lovey-dovey with the male model, her fans know very well that she’s taken. Her relationship with Dylan Sprouse is well known by Victoria’s Secret fans, as he makes frequent appearances on Barbara’s feed. The two are very popular as a couple, with many photos of themselves garnering well over a million likes.

This was the case with an update from three days ago, which showed Barbara in a floral top and a black hat. She smiled widely, as Sprouse gave a coy look. It was liked over 1.5 million times.

The sweet couple opened up recently during an interview with W Magazine, and shared new details about themselves. In particular, Palvin confessed her love for anime, which was a passion that Dylan shares with her.

“I was hiding it. Well, not hiding it, but I wouldn’t start off a conversation with that. In high school, I had a friend who would watch Naruto with me, but that faded away. When [Dylan] came into my life, I was like, I’m home, baby.”

Sprouse described what it was like going to Palvin’s home country and meeting her parents.

“I wasn’t nervous to meet her parents, but the truth is that there is a language barrier, obviously. Her mother speaks a very tiny bit [of English], and I am not proficient in Hungarian. I’m trying, but learning is definitely an overstatement,” he said.