‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Robert Scorpio Goes From Super Spy To The New DA

Robert Scorpio will be looking dapper in the courtroom soon.

General Hospital's Tristan Rogers.
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Robert Scorpio will be looking dapper in the courtroom soon.

It’s true, Robert Scorpio is sticking around Port Charles for a while. The longtime General Hospital actor is now getting plenty of screen time. He is also slated to be getting a new job as well. Viewers are used to seeing the handsome Australian running around chasing the bad guys working with the WSB. He is apparently done chasing them. Now he will be stepping into a whole different role as the new district attorney as a different way of nabbing criminals.

Robert will be taking over the job that Margaux Dawson just left as DA. That may sound a little strange considering that nothing has ever been mentioned about the WSB agent ever going to law school. The print edition of Soap Opera Digest details how it’s all going down.

Scorpio apparently did go to law school before he started working for the WSB. No one knew about that part of his life. He was only known as the suave spy. The governor, whom he knows from law school, is the one who appoints him the job as DA. As viewers know, Laura is the mayor now, and on Monday’s General Hospital, she will be chatting it up with Robert. According to Soap Central, she will have some questions for him concerning Dante.

Robert knows where Dante is hiding out to get help for his PTSD. Since he doesn’t work for the WSB anymore, he may not be able to help Laura out. However, he does appear to still have friends. He was on the phone with someone last week when Maxie overheard him talking. He most likely still has his sources.

As for his new gig, this will give Robert a good reason to stay in Port Charles for good. Fans are thrilled that Tristan Rogers will be seen a whole lot more on General Hospital. They are especially looking forward to seeing him go up against two of Port Charles’s most well-known lawyers: Alexis Davis and Diane Miller. They are tough cookies in the court room, but Robert Scorpio isn’t exactly a shrinking violet.


This new storyline should be fun and refreshing to see him in this new light. What will Anna think when she gets back into town? She may not even notice Robert’s new job since Finn’s ex, Hayden Barnes, is expected to be back in just a few short days.

With Robert as DA, his brother, Mac, as the temporary police commissioner, and Laura as mayor, there may actually be some criminals who are caught now. Add Detective Chase into the mix and they will be one hot team.

Stay tuned to see how Robert Scorpio transitions into his new job soon on General Hospital.