Beth Chapman's Death Isn't The First Family Tragedy For Dog The Bounty Hunter

The news of Beth Chapman's death was quite a shock to her family and friends earlier this week, and social media is still reeling in sadness. Beth's husband, Duane "Dog" Chapman, broke the news to his Twitter followers on Tuesday, letting fans know his wife was hiking the stairway to heaven.

It's been quite the tragedy for Dog, and unfortunately, this isn't the first time he's dealt with a sudden death in his family.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Dog lost one of his daughters tragically in 2006, on the night before his wedding to Beth. Dog and his daughter, Barbara Chapman, were estranged at the time of her death. Reports alleged that Barbara was a passenger in a stolen vehicle with a friend when the SUV went off the road and hit a tree. Barbara was living in Fairbanks, Alaska, at the time of the accident.

Dog was told of the tragedy the morning of his wedding to Beth, and the family decided it was best to go ahead with their original plans. The couple then told the sad news to their wedding guests during the reception. Hawaii News Now reported that Dog was very upset when sharing the news, while also celebrating her life. Barbara left behind a 4-year-old son.

Barbara was one of the children Dog shared with his third wife, Lyssa Chapman. Barbara was a sister to Lyssa Chapman II and Tucker Dee Chapman. Barbara had a handful of step-siblings from Dog's four other marriages. The famed bounty hunter has fathered 12 children, with his youngest being Garry Chapman, whom he shared with Beth.

Losing Barbara wasn't Dog's only tragedy from the past, however. Dog lost his son, Zebediah, just after he was born in 1980. Zebediah was only alive for one month and was one of three children he shared with his second wife, Anne Tengell. Anne is the mother to Wesley Chapman and James Chapman as well.

Dog's firstborn child was Christopher Michael Hecht, whom he shared with Debbie White. Dog and Debbie were never married and had him when they were teenagers. In another sad story, Dog never knew Michael existed until his former flame killed herself. The two men reconnected later when Michael was an adult

In addition to losing Beth, two of his children, and learning he had a child after many years, Dog has also dealt with several bouts with the law. The bounty hunter has also received numerous death threats over the years, due to his work.