Sara Underwood Busts Out Of Red Crop Top And Daisy Dukes In Pride Post

Sara Underwood attends the "Bohemian Rhapsody" VIP reception in Las Vegas.
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Former Playboy model Sara Underwood is no stranger to sharing steamy photos on her Instagram, but today she decided to share a photo that encompassed some of her beliefs on love.

Many celebrities have been offering posts in honor of Pride month, either through their own personal stories or by showing their support for the cause. Underwood became the latest to do so in a post that earned more than 42,000 likes from her followers in just one hour.

In the picture, Underwood was seen spilling out of a tight red crop top that showcased her toned abs and ample curves. She’s paired the top with high-waisted Daisy Duke jean shorts and added some thigh-high rainbow socks to finish the look.

And, to really drive home the point of her post, the model placed a large pride flag on the top of one of the cabins she’s helping to build in the woods. The cheeky post featured Underwood making a kissing duck face at the camera.

However, Sara’s colourful outfit doesn’t mean she is making light of the matter at hand. She accompanied the photo with a long caption that expressed all her thoughts on the LGBTQ community and how she believes everyone should be as inclusive as possible.

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Even though pride month is almost over I’m sending the LGBTQ community love as an ally 365 days a year. Pride month is necessary because as a group, the LGBTQ community has been persecuted for centuries. Whether being threatened with murder, imprisonment, shame or disownment, the struggle is global and continues to this day. In the United States people in the community continue to be denied basic human rights and treated like second class citizens. Anyone who thinks waving this flag is offensive has allowed their own insecurities to obscure the truth about what it means to be a human and an American. Freedom, liberty and justice for ALL. Undoubtedly bigots and hate filled people will leave their disgusting comments but in doing so they will be outing themselves as the prejudice and closed minded people they are. The times are changing so either join us on our mission of love and inclusivity or get left in the past. #pridemonth #pride #lgbtq???? #lgbt #loveislove #lovewins

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There were quite a few of Underwood’s fans who were upset by the post, and criticized her for being so outspoken about the cause. However, there were also a lot of her fans who were thrilled that she had used her platform to spread her beliefs.

“Sara, I can’t even find the words to say how proud and grateful I am for you to come out and share your beliefs as an ally. With such a huge following – and many of them unfortunately being far-right, narrow-minded men – it took guts to post this. And I’m glad you did. #loveislove”

Underwood has always seemed to march to the beat of her own drum. While many other models like her are living in luxury in Los Angeles, lounging pool side, she has followed her passion into the woods. With her partner by her side, she’s working on an ambitious project to create a community of cabins in a scenic location.

Her commenters are correct in that it does take a lot of bravery from celebrities to be outspoken about their beliefs. As the negative comments on the post illustrate, celebrities risk losing a large portion of their fan base if they speak out with a different opinion than their fans. However, Underwood felt it was important to share the message before June wraps up.