‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Brad Wants To Run, Michael Breaks News To Willow, & Sasha Rattles Valentin

Ryan Carnes and Parry Shen portray Lucas and Brad on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

The latest General Hospital spoilers hint that the episode airing on Friday, June 28, will be a wild one. Everybody is scrambling when it comes to Wiley and some Port Charles residents will be facing difficult decisions as this all moves forward.

Jason and Michael went to Beecher’s Corners and got former Dawn of Day member Carol to open up about her role in covering up what really happened to Willow’s father Douglas. The two men managed to hightail it out of town during Thursday’s show and the Twitter sneak peek for Friday details that Michael will quickly fill in Willow on what they learned.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Michael will head to the Port Charles Police Department, where Willow is being held, anxious to talk to her about what happened in Beecher’s Corners. He will manage to get a moment alone to talk with her and he’ll tell her about what they are certain happened to her father.

Michael will probably do his best to reassure Willow that Carol coming forward will be just what they needed to take down Shiloh. However, General Hospital spoilers note that it won’t be quite that easy.

As Michael talks with Willow, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that Brad will be freaking out. He’ll be desperate to keep his family safe and he will suggest to Lucas that they take Wiley and go on the run.

Of course, the idea of Lucas, Brad, and Wiley being able to go on the run isn’t particularly realistic. Lucas will likely talk his husband out of this idea, but fans have speculated that someone might take Wiley and go on the run at some point.

Friday’s show also brings a conversation between Sasha and Valentin. Viewers haven’t seen much of Sasha lately, but it turns out she’ll have a surprise for Valentin. General Hospital spoilers reveal that she will tell Valentin that she plans to relocate to Port Charles permanently.

The sneak peek shows Valentin looking at Sasha with an intense look on his face, as he surely will not be pleased by this revelation. He knows that having Sasha stay in town increases the risk that their scheme will be uncovered and he certainly doesn’t want that on top of already having to deal with Jax.

Viewers will see Kim talking to Shiloh and fans have a hunch that she’ll hope to convince the Dawn of Day leader to help her with her desperate pregnancy plan. In addition, Carly and Sonny will have an appointment to find out more about possible problems with their pregnancy.

There’s more interaction between Jax and Nina ahead and General Hospital spoilers detail that all of Friday’s action will set the stage for plenty of crazy drama coming during the week of July 1.