Pamela Anderson Details Alleged Abuse By ‘Monster’ Ex, Adil Rami: ‘He Threw Me Around By My Hair’

Carlos AlvarezGetty Images

Pamela Anderson has revealed new explosive details about her breakup with French football player, Adil Rami. In emails released on her website, Anderson claims that Rami was physically abusive towards her and once threw her around by her hair.

“He crushed both my hands [so] I needed to go to hospital (6 months after) because I was in so much pain. I couldn’t write [or] open a water bottle,” she said before adding that she had to be sedated at one point so that she could receive treatment for her injuries.

The Blast reports that the messages were between the former Baywatch star and Sidonie Biémon, Rami’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his children.

In one of the emails, Biémon told Anderson that she had been sleeping with Rami while he was in a relationship with the actress. She also said that Rami told her that his relationship with Anderson was not real and that he would be ending it soon. Biémon later added that she only ended the affair in 2019 after becoming fed up with the situation.

Rami has addressed his split from Pamela Anderson in a recent Instagram post.

‘A break is never easy. As often in these situations, strong emotion can take over,” he wrote in French, according to an English translation published by The Daily Mail.Pamela is a whole person, whom I deeply respect, she has conviction and is sincere – my love for her has always been sincere. That’s what I want to remember.”

His Instagram post uses the same photo that Anderson used when she shared the story of his alleged infidelity and abuse with her over 800,000 followers on the social media platform. In that post, she accused him of living a double life and recalled that he used to laugh about football players hiding their girlfriends from their wives when he was essentially doing the same thing.

Anderson mentioned Rami’s recent Instagram post in her recent blog entry and suggested that it might have been written by his lawyers, his sister or representatives from his football club, Olympique de Marseille.

As The Daily Mail also reports, Anderson was recently seen arriving at LAX airport in a gray T-shirt with the word “Truth” emblazoned on it. The Mail speculates that the fashion statement could have been a reference to the Rami story or meant to support her friend and Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, who was ousted from his former hideaway at the Ecuadorean embassy in London.