Fans React To ‘Bachelorette’ Spoiler Bombshell From Reality Steve About Hannah’s Current Relationship Status

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Viewers will not see the ending of Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette season until July 29, but they have had a lot of thoughts about spoilers that have been swirling around for the past couple of weeks. Spoiler king Reality Steve has dropped some bombshells and his latest has fans reeling.

For much of this season, the drama has been connected primarily to contestant Luke Parker. Hannah keeps giving him roses, but she has also torn into him for how he’s handled things. The Bachelorette spoilers have teased that things will get even crazier in this dynamic before the end of the season. However, Reality Steve’s latest teasers are related to something else.

The Inquisitr just shared that not only did Reality Steve recently change his Bachelorette spoiler about which man gets Hannah’s final rose, but he’s also revealed a change in the couple’s relationship status as well.

Reality Steve says that Hannah picked Jed Wyatt over Tyler Cameron, a change from originally detailing that Tyler got Hannah’s final rose. Since changing that major Bachelorette spoiler, the gossip guru has also said that Hannah has ended her engagement to Jed, although they are supposedly technically still a couple.

Jed allegedly was still in a relationship when he left to film Hannah’s season, and now additional allegations have emerged detailing that he cheated on that girlfriend during their relationship. All of this has generated a lot of chatter among Bachelorette fans.

One clear theme seems to be that fans are disappointed by the spoiler change indicating that Jed got Hannah’s final rose. Now that there is said to be trouble in the relationship, people seem to be overwhelmingly rooting to see Hannah try to reunite with Tyler.

“Just because you’re a semi-attractivish male who can play guitar and sing off key, does not mean you can do whatever you want in relationships.”

Granted, not everybody believes Reality Steve’s spoilers, and not everybody believes what Jed’s ex-girlfriend is saying about what went down. Reality Steve has said that he believes he will have additional information to share in the coming week, and it turns out he’s not the only spoiler source who has been hearing about a split between Hannah and Jed.

The Instagram account @bachelor.spoilers has been revealing plenty of tidbits about The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise in recent weeks, and they shared Reality Steve’s latest bombshell Friday morning. In addition, the person behind the account noted that they heard from a source that Hannah broke off her engagement with Jed in person this past Monday night.

Comments on that Instagram post followed a similar trend to what is popping up on Twitter.

“Know who’d never lie to her? Tyler C. She needs to go get him!”

Of course, nobody even knows if Tyler would want to give his relationship with Hannah another shot, or if she would try to go that route. However, some Bachelorette fans feel as if he might be sending out signals that he’s interested if she is.

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“Can Tyler come back and propose to Hannah? #teamtyler,” wrote another follower, and others commented that they figure Hannah regrets not picking Tyler at that final rose ceremony.

Will Reality Steve’s spoilers about The Bachelorette ending this summer be correct? Can Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt repair their relationship or is this engagement over for good? Is there a chance for Hannah and Tyler Cameron to restart their romance? Fans already have strong opinions about all of this and it seems likely that things will get even more intense during and after the July 29 finale.