La La Anthony Reportedly ‘A Wreck’ After Photos Show Carmelo Getting Cozy On A Yacht With Mystery Woman

Leon BennettGetty Images

La La Anthony is reportedly having a very difficult time dealing with the latest rumors of her man cheating.

This week, photos circulated showing Carmelo Anthony hanging out on a yacht, reclining near a woman wearing some very skimpy swimwear. The pictures led to speculation that Carmelo could be cheating. As Page Six noted, La La posted a picture on Instagram showing a bloody heart with a dagger through it, then deleted the post.

A source told the celebrity gossip outlet that La La has been in therapy and having a difficult time trusting her husband.

“She has trust issues and does not trust him fully,” the source said.

The rumors burst out after photos showed the basketball star hanging out on a yacht with a very scantily clad woman. It even prompted Carmelo to speak out, sharing a video with TMZ Sports saying that it was really just a misunderstanding. Carmelo explained that he was off on a business retreat, had no connection to the woman seen near him, and that people were trying to make something out of nothing.

“And I’m really only addressing it for my family. Keep my family out this, man,” he said. “I’m over here trying to do my business retreat. I’m over here trying to have a good time. I’m on a boat with some friends. Them people are married, man. They ain’t got nothing to do with anything. Y’all trying to expose – y’all exposing somebody’s wife. Y’all exposing somebody’s kids to all that. Like, c’mon.”

The pair have been through an up-and-down relationship, enduring past breakup rumors and even announcing they were divorcing in 2017 after rumors that Carmelo cheated and amid the difficulties near the tail end of his NBA career. Despite the troubles, they appeared to come out stronger on the other end. La La has made a number of posts praising her husband, including a sweet post shared on Father’s Day this year.

Even in the midst of their previous breakup, La La shied away from making the split public and refused to speak negatively about them. During their plans to divorce, Carmelo and La La were seen going to events together for their 11-year-old son. It’s not clear if the latest incident is different for La La, though several celebrity news outlets have reported that she’s been hit especially hard by the photos of her husband on the yacht.