Instagram Users Are Annoyed With Victoria’s Secret For Featuring Influencers — ‘Angels! No More Influencers’

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images for Victoria's Secret

In the past several weeks, Victoria’s Secret has been sharing photos of Instagram models and influencers on its verified page to promote its underwear and swimwear, but users of the social media platform appear to have a beef with the brand’s new strategy.

On Friday, Victoria’s Secret took to the popular social media platform to share yet another photo featuring Jenny Cipoletti, an influencer and creator of the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog named Margo and Me, wearing a leopard-print one-piece swimsuit. Within just the first hour after Victoria’s Secret posting the photo, Instagram users flocked to the comments section to ask the brand to return to using its regular models and Angels to promote its collections, adding that the influencers don’t represent the brand they love.

“We don’t want to see influencers. Use your Angels,” one user wrote, a comment that was liked a dozen times in a short amount of time, suggesting that the user is far from alone in feeling this way.

“Angels! No more influencers,” another user chimed in, pairing the comment with a series of emoji rolling their eyes.

“More influencers. How much of that girl’s swim line did she trade you to sell for a free trip,” a third user criticized.

As those who follow Victoria’s Secret on Instagram will know, this is just the most recent example of it using influencers and other social media models on its feed as of late. As recently as Thursday, the brand took to the platform to share a photo of influencer Cara Santana in a white polka dot two-piece bikini by Victoria’s Secret, a post that also attracted a fair share of dissenters.

“Don’t you guys have angels? What’s the point of them now,” one user asked.

“What is with all these influencers??? Unfollow,” another one said.

Victoria’s Secret recently brought back its swimwear line, which was discontinued three years ago, as Business Insider noted earlier this year. According to the report, the brand was hoping that the relaunch of its swimsuits would help bump up its sales, as the company has been facing some pressure in recent years.

However, customers have criticized Victoria’s Secret newly launched swimwear line, contending that the cost is excessive and the sizing too limited, the report further detailed. Complaints have focused particularly on the larger sizes, which are generally only offered in the non-Victoria’s Secret brands that it partnered with, Business Insider pointed out.