Miley Cyrus Goes Sexy On Instagram, ‘You Look Like Britney’ Dominates Comments

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Miley Cyrus’ latest Instagram updates are getting some interesting comments. The SHE IS COMING singer posted some pictures earlier today. The June 28 snaps showed the 26-year-old rocking a sexy vintage look with tinted pink shades and a hat – they accessorized an ab-flaunting crop top and low-slung pants in grays. With her long blonde hair worn down, Miley gave off some musical vibes as she performed on stage.

Instagram seems to have spotted a similarity between Miley’s retro look and another major pop icon. Quite simply, the platform’s users are likening the “Wrecking Ball” singer to 37-year-old “Toxic” singer Britney Spears. The comments definitely reflected fans’ thoughts.

“She looks like Britney Spears in The 2000s,” one fan wrote.

“You look like Britney” was another comment.

One fan went as far as including Spears’ Instagram handle in their comment.

“Is @britneyspears?” they wrote.

Admittedly, there does seem to be some resemblance. Britney’s looks from the 2000s became iconic for their midriff-flashing aspects while the star donned shades. While Spears often took to the stage in revealing bikini-like outfits, her street looks were known for their casual style and channeling the era’s trademark edge. Britney may have moved past her somewhat-unstable 2000s era, but her legendary style hasn’t been forgotten.

Fans picking up on the Britney vibes weren’t just exclusive to the update seen above. Shortly before posting solo pictures of herself on stage, Miley took to Instagram to share snaps of herself with DJ and producer Mark Ronson. Once again, comments likening Miley to Britney manifested.

“Legit thought this was an early ’00s throwback photo of someone like britney or anastacia,” one fan remarked.

Throwback pictures seem to be all the rage. On Thursday, Britney herself posted an Instagram picture replicating her “….Baby One More Time” look. The track dates back to 1998. Other fans of sending out throwback pictures are celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kelly Ripa, and Sofia Vergara.

Miley didn’t seem like she intended to send Instagram a throwback on Friday. Her trademark style and stage presence appeared to be documenting her career as a chart-topping artist. Fans are beady-eyed, though. Given the comments, it would seem that Miley’s fans have aligned the dots.

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“Britney?” one fan wrote.

Many other fans simply expressed excitement for Miley’s upcoming performances and praised her for her newly-released SHE IS COMING album. Also mentioned was Miley’s recent Black Mirror feature.

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