Chaka Khan Says Kanye West’s Sampling Of Her Song In ‘Through The Wire’ Sounded ‘Stupid’

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Chaka Khan was not happy when she heard the final track of Kanye West’s song “Through the Wire,” on which he sampled portions of her 1985 hit song “Through the Fire.”

During an interview on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday, host Andy Cohen asked Khan, 66, how the conversations went with Kanye prior to the release of the song.

“Very differently than the song turned out,” Khan answered.

“You were not happy with how the song [turned out]?” Cohen asked.

“No,” Khan answered.

“He called me when he got out of the hospital,” the Grammy-winner said.

“He said, ‘You were so instrumental in my healing process. I had to change the words a little bit to the song, but I had to eat through a wire, you know, and I was wired shut, through a straw,'” she continued.

“It meant that much to me, and it really got my heart,” Khan said.

But when she heard the song, she was surprised because the beat was much faster than her song and obviously very different from anything she had envisioned.

“I was pi**ed,” Khan said.

“I was a little insulted — not insulted, I thought it was stupid. If I’d known he was going to do that I’d said ‘Hell, no.'”

When Cohen asked Kahn if she ever had the chance to tell Kanye what she thought of the song, she said she did not, adding the best thing she could give to him at that point was silence.

Fans of the rapper will remember that in 2003, Kanye debuted the single “Through the Wire.” The song was unusual because he recorded it while his jaw was wired shut following a car accident in 2002. Kanye used images of his swollen and busted jaw in the video for the song.

The song jump-started his musical career and was nominated for a Grammy on 2005, but lost to Jay Z’s hit “99 Problems.”

Kanye said that nearly losing his life, his voice, and his face in the accident changed him and his perspective. As for the song, he said it was bittersweet.

“‘Through the Wire’ is the worst thing that could’ve possibly happen to me, and now it’s obviously the best thing. Look how it exploded!” he said in a statement, per Lad Bible.

As for Kahn, while she may not like the finished piece that Kanye produced, she told Cohen that she has received royalties from the song.