Miley Cyrus’s Sexy Abs Pic Racks Up Likes So Fast, Fan Counts Them: ‘Damn’

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Miley Cyrus doesn’t need to wait long for her Instagram updates to rack up the likes. The SHE IS COMING singer has 95.4 million followers waiting for her posts – it looks like they’ve honed in on the 26-year-old’s June 28 update.

Earlier today, Miley updated her account, sending out three snaps. All showed the blonde unleashing her musical edge as she held a mic and leaned against a piano. With DJ and producer Mark Ronson at the keyboard, it seemed that the “Wrecking Ball” singer was up for enjoying music with a fellow superstar. The candid snaps weren’t just showing Miley and Mark displaying their talents, though. Miley’s super-tiny outfit was sending fans the star’s killer body — and the look didn’t hold back.

Miley’s legs were blocked from the view by the piano, but her upper half was sending out major inspiration. The star was flashing her sensational abs in a tiny white crop top. It was also tight enough to send fans hints of the singer’s womanly bust beneath. With a matching hat and retro shades, Miley looked beyond sexy. Fans wishing to see Miley’s torso at its best should make a beeline for the third image.

While many fans remarked on the musical duo they were seeing, others couldn’t help but notice Miley’s insane body. One fan seemed to have stumbled across the update as it went live. They commented on how quickly it was gaining popularity.

“Damn there’s 53 likes in 7 seconds,” they wrote.

The likes may have been below the 100 mark at the time of the comment, but the status has changed. Miley’s update had racked up over 66,000 likes within just 25 minutes of going live.

Elsewhere, comments came in for Miley’s vintage look.

“That early 2000s style got me weakkk” was one response.

Miley’s Instagram updates have a way of accumulating a massive response. Just yesterday, the singer sent Instagram throwback snaps from her days as a Hannah Montana star. The update currently sits at 2.5 million likes. Similarly popular have been Miley’s updates surrounding her Black Mirror feature – Miley’s Ashley O character has now reached somewhat of legendary status. An Instagram update showing Miley in the character’s icy-pink wig came with a witty caption.

“Ashley O is unable to perform due to a detrimental shellfish allergy. She is still capable of SHELFIES!#AshleyO #BlackMirror @netflix”

Miley has just released her six-track SHE IS COMING EP, which has been well-received overall. Fans wishing to see more of Miley should follow her Instagram.