Iskra Lawrence Shows Off All Her Curves In Racy Instagram Snap During Lingerie Photo Shoot In Utah

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images for InStyle

Iskra Lawrence is all curves, and she had them on display for Instagram followers this week during the model’s lingerie photo shoot in scenic Utah.

The body positive model took to Instagram this week to share a preview of the upcoming lingerie shoot, showing herself wearing a pink thong and bra set that left almost nothing to the imagination. The picture was a smash hit with her nearly 4.5 million Instagram followers, garnering plenty of likes and supportive comments.

Many were happy to see the positive message Lawrence sends to women of all shapes, showing that there is not just one size for models.

“I”m actually in love with you!!!!!! YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO GOOD!!!!” one person shared.

“thank you for always making me feel so confident,” another wrote.

Lawrence has not only served as an ambassador for curvier women in a modeling field where they were often left out, but she has also pushed back against the industry’s use of camera and editing tricks to eliminate imperfections and set up unrealistic body standards. In her caption for the lingerie photo this week, Lawrence shared a series of hashtags letting fans know that the upcoming shoot was all her and all natural, writing, “#noretouch #nophotoshop #celluLIT#builtnotbought.”

While Lawrence may be one of the most popular models today with an ever-growing following on Instagram and a series of high-profile modeling gigs, she was not always so confident about her body. In an interview with Grazia magazine, Lawrence revealed that she broke into the modeling industry by entering Elle Girl’s “Search for a Supermodel” contest and reaching the final. That helped her to land a series of modeling gigs, but she ran into difficulties even as a young teenager because of her size.

“That was my break into the industry – I was doing modelling shoots, doing some fashion shows, but it was very tough for me at that age. I didn’t have a typical model body shape,” she shared. “I had hips even at that young age, and I eventually got dropped because I couldn’t change the way my body was.”

But Lawrence refused to give up, and eventually landed a spot with a company known for its embracing of women of all sizes — Aerie. Lawrence has since become the face of the brand, and in the Grazia interview said the company became her lifeline, telling her that she didn’t need to change anything about herself.