Jessa Duggar Shares Adorable Photos Of Spurgeon And Henry Doting On Their Little Sister

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Jessa Duggar Seewald is now a mother of three and is enjoying every second of it. She is taking it all in as her two boys, Spurgeon and Henry, are getting used to having a little sister around. Ivy Jane is now a month old. She was born on May 26 and is already well-loved by not only her family but Duggar fans as well. It looks like the two Seewald boys have learned how special it is to have another little family member to love.

Jessa shared some adorable photos on Instagram of her kids spending some quality time together. The first snapshot has made Duggar fans all teary-eyed. It shows Spurgeon holding his baby sister as he is just staring at her. He is cradling her little head while she is also looking up at him. It looks like these two may have a special bond already. Of course, he is also best pals with his little brother Henry as well.

In another photo, Ivy Jane is seen on Spurgeon’s lap with both of her brothers doting on her. While Spurgeon is holding her head, Henry is busy checking out her feet. Jessa explained in the caption how Spurgeon only had two people to love on him when he was born, but now Ivy has double the love with four members of the family to love on her.

The Counting On star also quoted something her mom has always said.

Michelle Duggar would say, “Love multiplies, it doesn’t divide.”

This likely refers to the many kids that she has birthed throughout the years.

Ivy appears to be wearing the same green outfit that she had worn in her first photos with Ben and Jessa last month. Fans have wondered why she hasn’t been seen in pink, or even more pastel colors for a girl. Other Duggar fans had reminded them that the color coordinates with her name. Overall, everyone is thrilled that Jessa keeps them updated on her kids. You can’t get much sweeter than big brothers doting on their little sister.

Jessa Duggar has started the pregnancy boom in her family. She has also started the baby girl trend as three of the four Duggar couples are having daughters. Joe and Kendra, Josh and Anna, and Josiah and Lauren have all announced recently that they are expecting girls this fall. Austin and Joy-Anna have yet to announce the gender of their second child.

Keep checking back for more updates on the Duggar family. TLC’s Counting On will return this fall.