‘Sports Illustrated’ Model Camille Kostek Gets Wet Dancing In A Bikini In New Music Video

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Sports Illustrated model Camille Kostek just added a new accomplishment to her résumé: music video star. The blond beauty recently starred in the music video for the song “So Close” by NOTD and Felix Jaehn, featuring Georgia Ku and Captain Cuts, and uploaded a clip from the video on her Instagram.

Camille first found fame as a cheerleader for the New England Patriots. While working as a cheerleader, she also managed to find time to work as a reporter for several local news stations, act as a hostess for the South By Southwest festival, and events sponsored by Maxim and Sports Illustrated, and even co-host several radio shows on SiriusXM.

Camille retired from cheerleading in 2015, and was immediately signed as a model and won contracts with companies such as Equinox gym and Dune jewelry.

However, the Connecticut native may be most well-known for dating retired football star Rob Gronkowski. The pair have been dating for the past four years.

In an interview with Extra, the stunner explained that she found that having watched his career for years as a cheerleader made his accomplishments all the most special to her.

“I was cheerleading on the sidelines in the first couple years… I went from cheering him on the sidelines of the Super Bowl to being a proud girlfriend in the crowd to [watching him end] his career on the Super Bowl field… I feel very lucky that I got to be a part his incredible career,” she said.

However, the blond beauty was quick to add that she was looking forward to being the one in the spotlight after Gronk’s retirement.

“It’s been a fun time already, and I think one of my favorite things that he ever said was he was excited to take a back seat and check out the things that I was up to, like I have for him sitting back in the stands,” she explained.

The former football player will no doubt “check out” his girlfriend in her music video debut. The clip immediately opens with Camille on a swing, but quickly cuts to the former cheerleader dancing in the rain in a white bikini for most of the duration of the clip.

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MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW ????!!!! LINK IN BIO TO WATCH ???????? my hope is that this video makes you want to get up and dance with me, I hope you smile and feel free! This video represents me. Dancing in the streets, feeling free and in the music, singing into mirrors and dancing around my room. I committed to film this a couple months before the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine hit the stands. My schedule got crazier and the team wanted to know if I was going to have to pull away from our film date. Without hesitation I flew out to LA for a day just to get this in the can. I’m so excited to forever have one of the best times of my life captured on film for the rest of my life. A week after cover announcement and I had the opportunity to be a face to a song that made me feel alive especially at this time in my life . Get up and dance with me - this life is all we got, one shot . Enjoy this moment ❤️ shoutout @paulcapra @notd @georgiaku @captaincuts @muamerapulic

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Already, the clip has been played over 86,000 times and has earned over 270 comments.

The bikini worn in the music video looks suspiciously similar to another one that Camille had modeled in an Instagram snap posted yesterday.

The stunner wore the bikini while in Joshua Tree, and finished off the look with a “Cinderella” blue bandana.

The picture was similarly popular with her fans, and earned over 57,000 likes and 420 comments.