Britney Spears Recreates ‘Baby One More Time,’ Instagram Loses Its Mind

John SciulliGetty Images

Britney Spears appears to have recreated the look that made her legendary. It’s been over 20 years since “…Baby One More Time” propelled the singer to superstardom, and many fans would consider the track nothing short of iconic. The symbol of teen pop might be 37-years-old, but she’s taken her fans right back to where it all started. Britney’s June 27 Instagram update has put this mother-of-two back in the outfit she wore when she was 16.

Earlier today, Britney updated her account. The photo showed Britney in selfie mode. She was standing in what appeared to be a bedroom. While the furnishings around her seemed ordinary, something about the outfit was standing out. The blonde had opted for a tartan miniskirt and a white shirt tied around her waist to form a crop top.

It isn’t rocket science. Anyone who grew up bopping along to “…Baby One More Time” will have agreed that today’s outfit was similar to the schoolgirl ensemble Britney wore for the 1998 music video. Given how iconic the video became, anyone too young to have witnessed the star’s rise to fame may also find themselves recognizing it; something about Britney’s chart-topping single seems to be ageless.

Fans are going nuts.

“BABY ONE MORE TIME 2019,” one fan wrote.

Racking up over 700 likes in under an hour, the comment fast became the most-liked one.

“OMG BABY ONE MORE TIME TEAS!!,” another commented.

Britney seemed to have toyed with her viewers; the “Toxic” singer hadn’t made any mention of the throwback outfit. She hadn’t even mentioned her first single. Instead, the mother-of-two talked about not finding much during her “shopping” trip. While comments weren’t exclusively about the hit track, many fans couldn’t help but reference it.

“Looking so 1998,” one fan commented referring to the single’s release date.

“Gimme a siiiiiiiiiign,” one fan quoted the lyrics.

The track launched Britney’s career. International fame wasn’t yet in the cards when a teen Britney was staring at classroom clocks and strutting school hallways in her first music video. It was on the way, though. The explosive record didn’t just launch Britney’s career; it influenced an entire generation. It looks like that generation has returned today; at least, it’s showing its face in the comments section to Britney’s update.

Britney’s simple selfie racked up over 167,000 likes within one hour of going live. Fans going into total meltdown filled the 6,200-plus comments responding to the picture.

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