June 27, 2019
Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Turn Up In Provence As Their Second Wedding Day Approaches

This past week, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have been preparing for their second wedding by enjoying France with their family and friends. Earlier, the couple was spotted in Paris but today the two celebrities have been caught by paparazzi further south, in Provence.

Their current destination-of-choice is a far cry from Las Vegas, the place where the couple's first impromptu wedding took place following The Billboard Awards last month. But it's impossible to compare futuristic Sin City with historical Avignon, reputedly their final stop during their French odyssey that saw them checking into a hotel in Crillon Le Brace, not far from the storied city.

Turner was already wearing white when she turned up with Jonas near Avignon, the rumored location for the pair's second wedding. This time, she was wearing all white -- white t-shirt, white trousers, and pointy white heels -- as pictured in a post from Metro UK.

Since Sophie is quite the fashionista -- as The Inquisitr pointed out last month -- she will likely up her sartorial game for her nuptials that are set to take place this weekend. It's a time frame everyone knows now since Dr. Phil McGraw inadvertently let out the secret a few days ago on Instagram.

Yesterday, the bride-to-be put up a pair of pictures that showed The Game Of Thrones actress rocking a happy-go-lucky jumpsuit that showed off her well-toned legs. Her hair was casually pulled up into a ponytail, indicating a devil-may-care attitude. Apparently, getting married a first time has been a good way to let go of at least some wedding jitters her second time around.

High profile wedding guests expected to show up in Provence to witness Sophie and Joe tying the knot for the second time include Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, Kevin and Danielle Jonas, Maisie Williams, Taylor Swift, Kit Harington, Wilmer Valderrama, Diplo and, of course, Dr. Phil, according to People.

Still, Turner told Harper's Bazaar that, despite their treasured A-list guests and the new venue, this time around she, Joe, and their guests will still enjoy a low-key affair.

Turner tried to take the attention off of what she is going to wear and onto more important matters that will delight everyone who has been invited to enjoy the nuptials this weekend.
"It's not about the dress, it's not about the food. It's about being husband and wife, and being dedicated to each other forever."
Apparently, Sophie Turner and Joes Jonas are already taking their vows very seriously as the two head into their second wedding in Provence. Stay tuned for details of the upcoming nuptials as they become available this weekend.