Kendall Jenner Grabs Chest In Sexy Insta-Snaps

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Kendall Jenner is known for showing Instagram her sexier side. The supermodel’s latest update hasn’t disappointed her fans. Kendall’s June 27 post wasn’t entirely dedicated to her, but it did offer her trademark; it was edgy, sexy, and definitely made a statement.

Earlier today, Kendall updated her account. Multiple snaps showed the 23-year-old in full party mode. While one only showed a glitter ball and others tagged her friends as they partied, two showed the model herself.

The first picture featured Kendall throwing her head back and grabbing her chest. With her leopard-print dress, bold-red lips, and a sea of balloons in the background, it looked like the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was living it up in style. Kendall had been photographed from the waist up. Her glowing complexion and stylish look were notable, but her body language was upping the ante. Kendall had her tongue out as she suggestively clutched her breasts.

A further snap showed Kendall’s face. Here, the brunette almost appeared to be eating shimmering glitter around her. She was looking up at the strands and her mouth was wide open.

Fans will notice another famous face in the update, though. The second image showed Kendall’s 21-year-old sister, Kylie Jenner. The makeup mogul likewise seemed in the party spirit. Kylie seemed to be dancing as she held a glitter ball.

A reply quickly came in from the Kylie Cosmetics CEO.

“Love! Bring a camera tonight,” Kylie wrote.

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we love a disco

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The comment might suggest that the sisters will be painting the town red tonight, but that should come of little surprise to fans, as today is Khloe Kardashian’s birthday. Kendall and Kylie’s older sister has reached the age of 35. The Good American CEO’s birthday has already been marked on Instagram by her famous sisters.

Earlier today, Kourtney posted an Instagram video of herself and Khloe to mark the occasion. Kim Kardashian also took to the platform to mark Khloe’s special day. Her heartfelt Instagram post came with a sweet caption.

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“Happy Birthday @khloekardashian I have never met anyone like you. Inside and out you are one of a kind and just flawless in my eyes. I’m so grateful to have a sister like you. I’m so happy we are so close and that our souls decided to take this trip down to earth around the same time! So lucky to have you in my life. I know this year is going to bring so much joy into your life!”

Kendall’s update didn’t mention Khloe, but it’s been noticed. Fans should expect some after-party pictures from Khloe’s special day, that is, if she’s up for celebrating tonight.