Beth Chapman Belts Out Bruno Mars In Fabulous Video Clips Shared By Dog And Lyssa From Before Her Death

Stephen ShugermanGetty Images

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman passed away this week, and her loved ones are doing their best to pay tribute to her memory. Both her husband, Duane, and her stepdaughter, Lyssa, have shared a side of the reality television star that many people hadn’t previously seen, and fans will not want to miss these video clips.

In his first tweet since announcing Beth’s death on Wednesday morning, Duane shared a fun clip showing Beth singing and having a fabulous time. Shortly after that, Beth’s stepdaughter, Lyssa, shared another clip and Duane quickly retweeted it.

Both clips show Beth having a blast singing karaoke with her daughter, Cecily, and other close friends and family. While Dog the Bounty Hunter fans know that Beth was always vivacious and confident, these clips of her singing kick it all up a notch.

The video that Duane shared via Twitter is a glimpse into something Chapman says that fans didn’t know about Beth. The Dog the Bounty Hunter star was dressed in all black, her blond hair pinned back from her face, a microphone in her hand.

Beth was belting out a song, dancing around the room as she did. Shortly after Dog shared the clip, his daughter, Lyssa, shared another clip seemingly from the same song. It looks like Beth and Cecily were singing a Bruno Mars song and they weren’t holding back.

When Lyssa shared the clip via Twitter, she tagged Bruno Mars and noted how much Beth really loved him. Lyssa also noted that she hoped the singer would see this post, and Duane tagged the musician in a retweet as well.

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans went crazy over these video clips and loved seeing this other side of Beth. Chapman wasn’t wearing a wild outfit or heavy makeup, as some are used to seeing on her. Instead, she had a simple, everyday look going on, but she was still radiant and loving life.

Duane didn’t mention how long ago this clip was taken, or where. He did name and tag a handful of people in the post and it seems clear that this happened at some point over the past few months once Beth was fairly sick again with her cancer recurrence.

Within just a couple of hours of being on Twitter, the clip Dog shared already had nearly 65,000 views. In addition, it received more than 10,000 likes and more than 1,000 retweets. Nearly 1,000 people commented and the messages were filled with adoration and love.

“Omg!!! I love this women [sic] she has been a inspiration my whole life she will be missed but truly forever remembered!!! By Many!!! Sending you hugs”

“One good way to remember her by,” another fan noted, expressing condolences from Canada and adding that Beth was an awesome woman.

Beth Chapman is going to be greatly missed both by those who knew her personally, as well as those who knew her from Dog the Bounty Hunter. Duane, Lyssa, and the rest of the family may be navigating heartbreaking days right now, but they are surely finding comfort in revisiting clips like these of Beth belting out some Bruno Mars and embracing life, despite her serious illness.