Lance Bass’ Husband, Michael Turchin Blasts ‘RHONJ’ Amber & Jim Marchese For Homophobia

Amy SussmanGetty Images

Artist Michael Turchin, the husband of former boy bander Lance Bass is weighing in on the family drama of Amber and Jim Marchese who have seemingly been bullying Jim’s son for being gay.

According to Too Fab, Turchin put Amber Marchese on blast on Instagram after a story broke that the Marcheses were refusing to pay for college for his son from a prior marriage, Michael Marchese, because he is gay. Jim has denied that this is the reason he’s refusing to pay, but Turchin recalled a comment that Jim made last year about homosexuality on social media.

“No straight male wants his son to be gay [because] a gay son is a curse that takes away your family traditions.”

In light of the claims by Michael Marchese about his father and stepmother, Turchin wanted to know if Amber felt the same, and his conclusion was that she does. Bass’ husband said she shared her own thoughts on homosexuality.

“She doubled down saying she doesn’t hate gay ppl but that being gay is a harmful chosen lifestyle that is ruining the youth of America.”

Turchin said in the exchange, Amber lashed out for being told to treat gay people, including her stepson with dignity and called the artist “mentally disturbed” and “slightly retarded.”

Too Fab included a transcription of the lengthy screenshot conversation between Michael Turchin and Amber which ended with the former real housewife saying that she felt she needed to protect her younger sons from choosing to be gay.

“I want my heterosexual boys to [be] really heterosexual, be who they are.”

After the story ran about Turchin’s confrontation with Amber, Jim Marchese weighed in to defend his wife and suggest that this was all being done to cash in on her fame and success. He insists that the reason he is not paying for his son’s school is not that he is gay, but because he wants to go to a “no-name” school in Connecticut (adding that if it was Yale or Harvard they could talk).

“Typical! This complete p*ssy attacks my wife, who is the boys stepmother. Typical #liberal #coward @michaelturchin is mentally ill Bulling [sic] women to get his rocks off. Another example of HATE published for fame as the is unable to deal with his pathetic life.”

But Michael Marchese insists that his father is just covering after telling him that until he starts living according to his father’s standards, he will be cutting ties with him. Michael says that his father Jim wants him to admit he chose to be gay, and start dating women.

Michael Turchin isn’t the only celebrity to call out Amber and Jim for what they consider hate speech to their own child, says The Inquisitr. Joe Gorga of Real Housewives of New Jersey slammed Jim for his Twitter rant against gays by insisting that it was a choice, saying that “nobody is born gay.”