Corey Bohan Blasts ‘The Hills’ Star For Insinuating Justin Bobby Is The Father Of Audrina Patridge’s Child

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Audrina Patridge’s ex-husband is fired up about a comment that was made about his daughter’s paternity following MTV’s revival of The Hills. The pro BMX rider blasted Patridge’s The Hills: New Beginnings co-star Spencer Pratt for cracking a joke about the paternity of Kirra Max, Bohan’s 3-year-old daughter with Patridge.

In a recent Cosmopolitan recap, Pratt remarked that he’s not entirely convinced Bohan is really the father of Audrina’s child after seeing her chemistry with ex-boyfriend Justin Bobby Brescia when the two met up for a dinner date on The Hills. At one point during their dinner reunion, Justin cryptically recalled that he did things with Audrina that no one else ever did and said Bohan was not the love of her life.

“What was all that talk about Justin Bobby doing things to Audrina her husband never did?” Pratt asked. “I wanna know who’s baby that is. How do we know it’s not Justin’s baby? Let’s get a DNA testing kit for the reunion. Get a whole lab in there for a dramatic reveal.”

Corey Bohan, who split from Audrina Patridge in 2017 after 10 months of marriage, fired back in an Instagram post that featured him giving Pratt the finger, according to E! News.

In the private post, Bohan slammed Pratt’s “vile and disgusting” comments about his daughter and accused the reality star of making shocking statements to keep his “name in the headlines.” Bohan went on to say that while Pratt can say what he wants about anyone else, he draws the line at him targeting his young daughter.

“Kirra is an innocent three-year-old child. Joking about the validity of who her father is, is vile and disgusting,” Bohan said.

Patridge’s ex-husband also said he would have thought Pratt would stop making such inappropriate comments considering that he is now a father himself. Pratt and wife Heidi Montag welcomed son Gunner last year.

“The things you say publicly will be accessible to my daughter forever and I will continue to do everything in my power to not expose her to such nonsense,” Bohan wrote to Pratt. “Keep her out of your attempts to stay relevant ya f**k.”

TooFab notes that Corey Bohan also angrily called out Audrina Patridge in his post as he questioned why she would allow Spencer Pratt to make inaccurate statements about Kirra’s paternity without setting the record straight.

“How shameful the mother of my child would not put an end to this immediately. #attentionseekingf**ks.”

Audrina Patridge referenced her strained relationship with her ex-husband multiple times on The Hills: New Beginnings premiere, but she did not mention his name. The MTV star said her headline-making breakup felt like a bad dream and revealed that she lost over 20 pounds due to the stress of her divorce.

As for her current relationship with Justin Bobby Brescia, while he was Audrina’s bad boy boyfriend on the original The Hills back in 2010, the two have reportedly stayed in the friend zone despite their undeniable chemistry. Last fall, while filming The Hills revival, Brescia told Entertainment Tonight that his life is too busy for him to get involved with Patridge, or anyone else.

“Not gonna happen,” Justin Bobby said. “[That’s] old school, new beginnings, not for that, though. You might meet a few ladies, but I’m so busy and fast. I’m too quick for love.”

Indeed, in October, an insider told Us Weekly that the exes were filming together and “are friends,” even though Patridge was single at the time after recently breaking up with boyfriend Ryan Cabrera. In February, E! News reported that Audrina Patridge was in a new relationship with West Hollywood bar owner Matt Chase.

The Hills: New Beginnings airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.