Braless Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Body In Clingy Mini Dress

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Emily Ratajkowski shared a photo with her fans that had a distinct Parisian vibe, thanks to a partnership with French haircare brand Kerastase.

While Ratajkowski is accustomed to showing off her physique in figure-hugging outfits, this outfit showcases a more French, casual form of sexy. In the photo, she’s wearing a halter neck mini dress that looks as though it’s comprised of a few swoops of fabric draped across her body. The dress dips low in the front, which shows off some cleavage, showcases her shoulders, and puts plenty of her mile-long legs on display as well.

She pairs the look with some earrings and keeps the rest simple — her hair is blowing in the wind and the overall vibe is definitely effortless.

Though the black and white shades of the photo add an artistic vibe, the look is even more European thanks to the stunning backdrop — she’s posing in front of the incredible Eiffel Tower.

For those who may not know, Ratajkowski has been the face of the haircare brand for a little over a year. As Teen Vogue reports, she shared the news of her partnership with the company to her Instagram followers in January 2018, expressing her excitement at the new opportunity.

At the time, Ratajkowski faced a fair bit of controversy because of how she announced the news. As Teen Vogue reports, Ratajkowski shared the news in a caption that many disagreed with.

“Hair is a fundamental part of beauty, femininity and identity.”

Many of her followers were upset with her statement and the lack of inclusivity in it, and she eventually changed it to a more general caption.

Ratajkowski never spoke out about the controversy, but she did share quite a few thoughts on haircare and her new role with Elle around the same time, in January 2018.

“For many women, how our hair looks and feels is an everyday part of our lives, whether we always want it to be or not. And ultimately, feeling good about yourself is good for your life and who you are. So if having the best hair you can have means you feel better about your day, then go get that hair. And don’t feel guilty about it!”

She gushed about the way that the brand seemed to understand her and wasn’t just hiring a random gorgeous model, from her perspective. Given that her partnership has lasted about a year and a half now, it seems that Kerastase is happy with the choice they made.