Cardi B Shows Off Cleavage And Hips In Lingerie On Husband Offset's Instagram Page

Offset, one-third of the rap group Migos and husband to Cardi B, turned up the heat on his Instagram page on Wednesday when he posted a black and white photo of the "Bodak Yellow" rapper wearing some revealing lingerie. The photo appears to be an outtake from the video for her new single "Press." As The Inquisitr previously reported, the video contains several sultry scenes including a girl-on-girl kiss and a group dance where everyone is naked including Cardi. The nipples and private parts are blurred but that doesn't make it any less NSFW.

As of this writing, the video has close to 10 million views on YouTube and over 60,000 comments. In the caption for his post, Offset encouraged his fans to go watch it and called his wife "creative." He also praised her for putting a lot of "emotion and heart" into making the concept a reality.

In a video on her page, Cardi revealed that she had a bigger role in the direction of this video compared to her previous ones.

"I was so specific with this video I wanted to co-direct with someone who can understand my vision and don't say 'it is not possible' for an answer," she wrote in the caption of the post. "Thanks glam for taking good directions and trusting me on glam and working together to make the looks possible. I wanted these white eyebrow, white hair look so bad! Ya work together and made it happen just how I wanted it."

In addition to the nudity and the high fashion looks, the "Press" video is also pretty violent. By the end of it, Cardi's character has killed many people, one of them via drowning in a prison toilet bowl.

Some have concluded that Cardi might be using the video and song to reference her actual legal troubles. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the Bronx rapper was recently indicted on charges stemming from a bar brawl that allegedly targeted a woman suspected of sleeping with Offset.

Pitchfork reports that one of those charges is "attempted assault with intent to cause serious physical injury," which is a felony. But she also faces a couple of misdemeanor charges as well.

The fight took place last year at Angels Strip Club in Queens, New York. Two female bartenders -- one of them Offset's alleged mistress -- have claimed that they were injured in the fight and that Cardi ordered it.

Cardi has plead not guilty to the charges.