Fitness Model Jen Selter Flaunts Curves In Neon Green Bikini

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Instagram influencers and celebrities get offered significant amounts of money in order to promote products on their feeds. After all, if you have millions of followers, even having a portion of those followers checking out a specific product is potentially valuable to a brand.

While there are some individuals who will promote seemingly any product, there are many others who are only willing to advertise things they believe in — and it seems Jen Selter follows the latter philosophy. The fitness model turned Instagram superstar recently took to her account to post an ad for a BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acids), a supplement designed to help with muscle recovery, by the brand Spartan Nutrition. As someone who spends a lot of her time working out, it makes sense that she would have her preferred supplements — and be eager to share information about them with her followers.

However, many fans got too distracted to even notice the supplement on the table beside her until they read the caption. In the shot, Selter isn’t wearing her typical yoga pants and sports bra. Instead, she opted to don a neon green bikini that absolutely pops against her tanned skin. She’s posing on a pool that’s located somewhere with a stunning city view and has plenty of luxurious lounge chairs to lay on.

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Pool side ???? My go-to virgin drink this summer is this Exotic Lemonade ???? I combined @TheSpartaNutrition Peach Mango BCAA, with fresh squeezed lemon juice, fresh squeezed lime juice, fresh raspberries, sparkling water, and ice. AMAZING! - One of my favorite #SpartaNutrition products is the Spartan BCAA. It is 100% free of artificial colors, packed Amino9™  and WITH 3 GRAMS OF EAAS dramatically improves my performance in the gym and helps reduce soreness post workout. - Each scoop contains ???? ???? 2500MG of Leucine ????1250MG of Isoleucine ????1250MG of Valine - Spartan BCAA’s come in four different flavors: Peach Mango, Watermelon, Gum Drop, & Lemon Drop. I can’t decide which one is my favorite ???? - You can find @TheSpartaNutrition in your local @GNCLivewell. - #Ad #SpartaSponsored

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While many people would think of advertising a supplement in a setting such as a gym, Selter thought outside the box. Rather than only sharing the benefits the product had for active individuals, she framed it as a product that people should be sipping poolside in a fun little beverage. Resourceful thinking like that is one of the reasons Selter became such a big star.

According to Women’s Health, Selter shared in 2017 that she was able to earn about 60,000 British pounds per sponsored post. Given that her follower count only continues to grow year after year, we would venture that she likely commands even more nowadays. However, she’s passionate about only promoting things she believes in, as she told the outlet.

“I’m always very picky with sponsorships and I think that has definitely helped my growth. I’d never work with or advertise a brand that I don’t believe in.”

While she initially embarked on her career as a fitness influencer because she got such a great response to the content she was sharing, she also has always been passionate about helping others discover their own love of fitness. Selter transformed her physique through putting in hard work at the gym, and she believes many others can do the same.