Missing Utah College Student Mackenzie Lueck Reportedly Had Two Sugar Daddies

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University of Utah student Mackenzie Lueck has been missing for over a week now. The 23-year-old nursing student recently took a trip to her home state of California before heading back to Utah on June 17. She arrived at the Salt Lake International Airport without issue and then called for a Lyft to pick her up. Her Lyft driver then took her to a nearby park, where she met with an unidentified person in a vehicle. While there’s still very little information about where Lueck could be, we’re now learning a little bit more about her dating life, according to The Daily Mail.

The 23-year-old was reportedly a sugar baby and had at least two sugar daddies. Typically, a sugar baby provides sexual favors or simply companionship to a sugar daddy, who in turn pays them through online deposits or extravagant gifts. While she didn’t reveal the names of her two sugar daddies, Lueck did speak openly about having these types of relationships and even gave other women advice about how to find their own sugar daddies in a private Facebook group. She would look at dating sites such as Seeking Arrangement and Tinder to find these wealthy older men.

On the Facebook page, Lueck instructed girls to present themselves online by saying up front that they were looking for a SB/SD type of relationship, meaning a sugar baby and sugar daddy relationship. She also told them to set their age preference to 35-years-old and older, assuring them they’d have most luck that way.

“I have some experience on seeking arrangements, online only, tinder, and currently have two lol,” she wrote.

Police have already run out of ways of determining who the individual was that was inside the car Lueck went to on the night that she disappeared. Now, law enforcement is asking that person to come forward with any information they have about the students current whereabouts.

“We have exhausted all avenues of determining that information, and want to ask this person to please call us,” said Salt Lake City Assistant Police Chief Tim Doubt on Tuesday.

Police Chief Doubt also noted that law enforcement is also taking into account the type of relationships Lueck had prior to her disappearance and is not overlooking her online activity, according to USA Today.

“In regards to her online activity, we are aware of this aspect and continue to look into all facets of her life for leads into her disappearance.”