Remembering Beth Chapman Through Her Most Loving Social Media Posts

Beth Chapman died on June 26, 2019
Jason Merritt / Getty Images

The sad news of Beth Chapman’s death on Wednesday had a host of admirers looking back at her Instagram posts. This was a way to both honor and remember the 51-year-old who succumbed to cancer on June 26.

In May, Beth posted a picture of her husband, Dog the Bounty Hunter –aka Duane Chapman — sleeping in bed while still wearing his signature sunglasses on his head. Along with the upload, Beth talked about how Duane showed his stress over her situation even while he was sleeping. She also noted that he never left her side and that because of his commitment, she felt both strong and encouraged.

Beth stated that theirs was the greatest love story and that the love between her and Dog was worth the fight she had been waging with cancer.

All kinds of new comments have been added to this loving social media offering. Many have sent prayers to the reality star while others have expressed shock at her passing.

On another post from May, Beth celebrated her wedding anniversary by showing the couple looking were very close and very happy.

A number of fans took to that post to offer their love, often in the form of heart emoji. Many told Beth she will be missed while others sent comfort to her husband and family.

Her post for Father’s Day showed Dog with his sons and his grandsons and his great grandsons. These four generations of Chapmans will likely grieve for a long time but they will eventually carry on despite losing their precious matriarch.

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A post put up two weeks ago by Beth shows the lovely lady at her desk and ready to work in a fun environment that indicated she probably liked the color pink. She even owned a vintage pink pay phone that was hanging up behind her in her workspace.

Beth used a lot of hashtags to say how she was feeling. She promised cancer would not beat her and she also gave a shout-out to her marriage, too.

And finally, Beth’s last Instagram post on June 18 showed a sweet picture of her 26-year-old daughter on her birthday. The offering served as a declaration of love for her child that will no doubt be treasured forever.

As The Inquisitr reported via TMZ, when she died, Beth and Dog left behind a trailer she had been filming for a new reality series. called Dog’s Most Wanted. The series is said to have chronicled, among other matters, her health issues. The program has yet to be released.

All of these social media and celluloid memories will serve as a keepsake for the fans and for her entire family as all grieve after Beth’s passing.

RIP, Beth Chapman.