Jenelle Evans Defends Herself In Raging Court Battle, Fired 'Teen Mom 2' Star May Quit Twitter

Jenelle Evans took on her ongoing court battle by defending herself in a surprise move, as part of the fired Teen Mom 2 reality star's battle with Children's Protective Services (CPS). Today's day in North Carolina's Columbus County Court, which included husband, David Eason, was the second court hearing this week for the beleaguered couple.

Last week, Jenelle, 27, and David, 31, racked up participation in three pre-adjudication court hearings in a nasty custody fight for their three children -- Ensley, 2, Kaiser, 5 and Maryssa, 11 -- that could go on "for months", per Radar Online.

Still, the same source seems to believe the custody battle could "be going in Jenelle and David's favor, as David boasted about 'new evidence' after Monday, July 1st's court hearing."

Another indication that the situation may be reversed is that Jenelle and David were allowed to celebrate with Kaiser on his birthday this past weekend.

Meanwhile, as the court proceedings keep going, Jenelle has stayed busy on her Twitter account. This is despite the fact that she seemed to be saying goodbye to the social media platform earlier today.

Even towards the end of the day, the social media influencer was apparently still on Twitter. In fact, her most recent comment seemed to indicate that the mother was ecstatic, as shown in her comment below.

That said, her latest post could have been a ruse. In fact, Jenelle has been known to tease her followers.

One of her followers tweeted the following reply to her most recent post.

"She just deleted the Tweet that said 'case dismissed' hmmm If she was really getting the kids back, she would say 'can't wait to get my kids back this afternoon, the case was dismissed' having it so vague is a way for her to f*ck with people."
Hopefully, Jenelle and David will get their kids back. The pair -- who have experienced plenty of problems in the past, including the time David shot the family dog -- appeared to show a united front when the two arrived in court on July 3.

Radar Online showed the couple before the proceedings, holding hands while looking dressed with court proceedings in mind.

Jenelle wore a bright pink shirt and nice trousers to court, where she represented herself. Meanwhile, David had on a proper suit and tie.

While Jenelle Evans and David Eason wait to find out if their children will be returning home, their remarks on social media may or may not support that truth.

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