WWE Rumors: Popular NXT Superstar Lost Push, Title Shot For Going After Goldberg On Twitter

This bro ended up having social media come back to bite him.


This bro ended up having social media come back to bite him.

With the advancement of social media and its popularity, WWE has started incorporating it into feuds and storylines to further things along. Sometimes, though, it’s hard for fans to determine if the promotion has put the superstars up to it or if they’re going rogue. Well, one popular NXT superstar is said to be under fire and has had his title shot/push taken away from him for his activity on Twitter.

When Matt Riddle was signed by WWE last year, it was a huge addition to the roster and fans were thrilled to see where he would go. He’s actually shot up the ranks in NXT and it looked as if he was in line for a mega push and a NXT Championship feud with Adam Cole, but things have apparently changed.

For a while, Matt Riddle decided to troll WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg as much as humanly possible on Twitter. The “King of Bros” even said that he didn’t like Goldberg because the former World Champion thought he could fight (MMA) and wrestle (WWE), but Riddle thought he could do neither well.

The trolling and taunting continued for quite some time and it may have actually all backfired on him. While some reports have said that Riddle had no heat on him from WWE for going after Goldberg, rumor has it that those reports aren’t necessarily true.

Awesome job bro, you’re already bleeding and the match hasn’t even started #WWESSD pic.twitter.com/Ovzh3t64Tq

— matthew riddle (@SuperKingofBros) June 7, 2019

A while back, The Inquisitr reported that WWE had plans to keep Matt Riddle in NXT and not call him up to the roster for a long time. It was believed that he was simply going to be one of the biggest names on the roster and that was why he was taken out of the NXT Championship picture.

Brad Shepard of the Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast is saying that Riddle’s loss of push in NXT is an “indirect message” to him. At the last set of tapings after NXT TakeOver XXV, Riddle was no longer going after Cole but was destroyed twice by a returning Killian Dain.

As transcribed by Ringside Seats, this all stems from the Twitter war he started with Goldberg.

“It was confirmed to me by a source in WWE that Matt Riddle getting jumped by Killian Dain and not going straight to the main event wasn’t a coincidence after the Goldberg tweets.”

“I’m told he’s a favorite and he’ll still get his time, but that was an indirect message to him about becoming too chatty on Twitter regarding your co-workers especially Hall Of Famers.”

So, this isn’t a permanent push down the ladder and his time will come, but it’s simply being delayed.

Matt Riddle celebrates after a win in NXT.

The “official” reason as to why Matt Riddle isn’t feuding with NXT Champion Adam Cole right now is that it wasn’t ever in the plans. Of course, WWE isn’t going to come out and say that someone is being punished for social media trolling of Bill Goldberg. Either way, the timing is quite coincidental with everything, but the time of the “King of Bros” will come.