McDonald’s Cuts Chicken Selects, Apple Walnut Salad From Menu

Chicken Selects

McDonald’s is saying goodbye to the Chicken Selects.

The menu item is just one choices the fast food chain is kicking to the curb. In addition to the Chicken Selects, McDonald’s will also part ways with the apple walnut salad.

According to MSN, the company is also currently deciding the fate of the Angus Third Pounder sandwich. The restaurant hasn’t made up its mind about this particular menu item as of this writing.

McDonald’s issued a sort-of apology to those folks who will miss the Chicken Selects and the apple walnut salad. A company spokesperson explained the items didn’t sell well enough to include them on menus around the nation.

The company reportedly made the announcement regarding these changes to the menu on Facebook and Twitter. However, those pages have since been removed. The restaurant hasn’t commented further on the removal of the items.

The Chicago Tribune reports that McDonald’s is simply making some room for a handful of new items it has waiting in the wings. In addition to unveiling the McWrap sandwich, the restaurant is also preparing to unleash its own brand of chicken wings.

CEO Don Thompson said the company had a number of new menu selections in the works for 2013. Thompson added that this would include at least one new burger.

Earlier this month, the chain pulled back the curtain on the new Fish McBites. In addition to providing adult-sized portions, kids can reportedly substitute them in their Happy Meals. Unfortunately for those who have grown to love the Fish McBites, they will be removed from the menus come March.

A handful of folks mourned the loss of the Chicken Selects on Twitter. You can find a handful of their responses below.


Are you sad that McDonald’s is getting rid of the Chicken Selects and the apple walnut salad?

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