Julia Rose Bares Booty In Cereal Aisle, ‘Clappin Crunch’ Tops Comments

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Julia Rose appears to have chosen a particularly unusual location for her latest Instagram update. On June 26, the model posted a snap of herself in the middle of a grocery store cereal aisle. The picture didn’t wholly revolve around the shelved breakfast foods, though. Julia was sending Instagram some major booty, and it looks like she’s nailed her update.

The photo showed Julia shot from behind. Shelved boxes of Raisin Bran, Cocoa Krispies, and other cereals formed a colorful backdrop, although Julia herself had opted for a mostly black wardrobe. Her leather jacket acted as a statement piece. Fans were likely making a beeline for the model’s cheeky thong, though.

Julia’s super-peachy rear was on full display under the itsy-bitsy lingerie. The lingerie was exposed via Julia lifting her skirt – the model’s left hand appeared to be pulling the printed material up. With her face in semi-profile and a caught-off-guard expression, Julia seemed to be suggesting she’d been photographed in a naughty moment.

Fans are loving it.

“Clappin crunch,” one fan wrote.

The comment quickly proved to be the most popular, racking up over 260 likes in under an hour.

“I didn’t even know there was cereal in this picture,” another fan wrote.

This Instagram sensation is known for going risqué. Her cleavage-flaunting or topless updates have become legendary amid her 2 million followers. That said, subscribing to this beauty’s account doesn’t just bring a popular model in a skimpy wardrobe. Julia comes with some trademark attitude — her stuck-out tongue and middle-finger waving are as much a signature finish as her itsy-bitsy outfits. Both seem to suggest a fun personality.

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It’s Monday ???? tag a pizza lover

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Julia also seems to come with an appetite. A January update (seen above) saw the model chowing down on pizza in a bubbly bathtub. The video channeled vintage trends of ’50s models being filmed in tubs. The post currently sits at 2.2 million views.

Wednesday’s cereal picture did come with a question. Julia had asked her followers to reply with their preferred breakfast choice. It doesn’t look like many fans answered the question, though.

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“Booty-O’s,” one replied.

“Them booty pebbles,” was another comment.

Julia’s update has proven popular. It racked up over 111,000 likes within one hour of going live. Over 1,300 comments were left. Many made puns on cereal names and the model’s booty-flashing display. Fortunately, the vast majority were left with humor. Fans wishing to see more of Julia should follow her Instagram.