Victoria’s Secret Model Nina Agdal Goes Completely Naked In Latest Snap

Craig BarrittGetty Images

Nina Agdal is turning up the heat on Instagram.

Not a stranger to sharing shots that showcase her incredible figure, Agdal may have outdone herself. In her latest update, the model shared a photo in which she was standing in a rural area completely naked. The shot was taken from behind, giving fans a clear view of her fabulous figure and pert booty. The brunette beauty arched her back, threw her head back, and placed one hand on her hip as she struck a sexy pose. The snap showed just a peek of side boob as the model’s wavy hair cascaded down her back. Standing knee-high in a garden of sugar beets, the model faced a sky filled with clouds.

In the photo’s caption, Agdal said that her mother asked her if she would like a shirt for the snap. It was a question that certainly got her fans talking.

“I’m glad you declined,” one follower said.

“Naw I think your (sic) good,” said another.

“Omg you are a genetic lottery winner!!!!!!” an excited fan wrote.

“Good thing you didn’t listen,” quipped another.

“Stunning picture!” a fan said.

Other fans commented on the model’s beauty.

“You are an espectacular (sic) Goddess,” one fan wrote.

Agdal is proud of her curves. In fact, she is an advocate for curvier models and has spoken out against body shaming in the modeling industry.

In January of 2018, she shared a photo on Instagram describing how she had been let go from a campaign because her body did not fit their market. In the post, she said she never had the body that many runway models do, adding that she had never been as thin as many models. She said the rejection caused her to embrace her curves and to work harder than ever to stay strong — primarily for her sanity. She also said that she was much different than she was at the age of 16 when she had unhealthy eating habits. She also shamed the publication for reaffirming how important it is of people to live their truth regardless of who they are or what size they wear.

In a video later uploaded to Instagram, Agdal has vowed to continue advocating for body positivity, adding that she felt a responsibility to do what she could to help inspire change in the modeling industry. As a face for Aerie’s unretouched #AerieReal campaign, she is off to a great start.