Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Scrambles, Alexis Rips Julian, And Kim Shocks Drew

Craig SjodinABC

The latest General Hospital spoilers suggest that there is more baby swap drama on the way with the episode airing on Wednesday, June 26. Willow was arrested after exploding in court and teasers hint that there is much more to come with this storyline.

As Willow and Shiloh faced off in court, Jason and Michael were in Beecher’s Corners. They were successful in getting former Dawn of Day member Carol to open up to them, but Jason was confronted by the police officer he’d tangled with previously before he could leave town.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter shows that Jason will do his best to keep his cool while trying to get the officer to back off and let him leave town. Jason has coordinated a plan to get Carol to Port Charles so she can reveal the truth about Shiloh and the death of Douglas Miller, but this officer may not make it easy.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps hint that this challenge Jason faces may carry over into Thursday’s show. Michael will come to Jason’s rescue in some sense, so it may be that Michael manages to intervene to get Jason out from under this officer’s glare.

Wednesday’s show will also have more with Shiloh and his lawyer in court. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Shiloh’s lawyer will be terse with him when she questions whether or not he wants to hear something. He certainly thinks he’s got the upper hand now after Willow’s explosion, but the lawyer may caution him not to get ahead of himself.

Alexis will blast Julian, probably over his stunt to destroy some of the adoption records. She’ll warn him that he may now be giving Shiloh just the ammunition he needs to destroy his own family. General Hospital spoilers also note that Alexis will get a meaningful phone call of some sort, but it’s not known yet who is on the other end of the call.

Kim tried to talk Julian into having a baby with her in the wake of Oscar’s death, but Julian said no. Now, she’ll be trying to convince Drew to head down this road with her. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Drew will be quite surprised by this request, and it seems virtually guaranteed that he’ll also say no.

It doesn’t sound as if Kim gives up on this idea, though. Viewers will see her make a decision of some kind during Thursday’s episode and General Hospital spoilers have noted that in the weeks ahead, whatever she does next will have a major impact on both Julian and Drew.

In addition, teasers reveal that next week, Kim will ask Shiloh to meet her at her apartment. Some fans have speculated that she may turn to Shiloh to try to get pregnant, and this would be a crazy path to head down. Kim is understandably grief-stricken over Oscar’s death and it sounds as if she may come up with some dangerous plans as a way to cope with the loss of her son.

Wednesday’s show also brings a tough discussion between Curtis and Sam as well as more with Lucas and Bobbie. As The Inquisitr previously detailed, things will get increasingly tense throughout Port Charles as the week progresses. Shiloh will seemingly run across Sam shortly after leaving court and Lucas will end up getting physical with the Dawn of Day leader as this encounter progresses.

How will the truth about the baby swap come out and how much longer will it take? Fans have been speculating about many possible paths forward and General Hospital spoilers tease that things will get pretty wild in the coming weeks.