Reddit Quarantines Trump-Loving Subreddit The_Donald After Calls For Violence Against Police


Reddit has moved to quarantine the Donald Trump-loving subreddit r/The_Donald after a spate of messages calling for politically-fueled violence.

The subreddit, which has been promoted as the largest online community for supporters of President Trump, had seen a surge in posts regarding the recent political standoff in Oregon, which has been marked with tensions and threats of violence. Many of the posts and statements from users made threats against police officers, some vague and others direct.

Those who tried to access r/The_Donald were met with a message saying the subreddit had been quarantined for these threats of violence against police officers. In Reddit parlance, a quarantine means that site administrators have deemed content there to be “extremely offensive or upsetting.” The purpose of a quarantine is to prevent the community from accidentally being seen by the average person browsing the site, and requires members to have some level of verification in order to use the subreddit.

“This community is quarantined,” the message read. “It is restricted due to significant issues with reporting and addressing violations of the Reddit Content Policy. Most recently the violations have included threats of violence against police and public officials.”

As TheNextWeb had reported, there had been a surge in posts calling for violence against police officers in Oregon who were tasked with retrieving Republican lawmakers who fled the capital rather than voting on a climate change bill. Oregon Governor Kate Brown invoked a state clause that allowed troopers to retrieve these lawmakers and bring them to the legislature to vote, prompting militias in Oregon and other states to offer to protect the Republicans and one member of the state legislature to threaten violence against police who might try to apprehend him.

The report compiled a series of comments calling for violence against police officers, none of which were removed by the subreddit’s moderators. Reddit has a policy against calls for violence.

“Oregonian here. Hopefully all State Police in Oregon refuse, he’s serious,” one person wrote. “No problems shooting a cop trying to strip rights from Citizens. If he calls for help I’d come.”

There were other general calls for violent uprising in Oregon as well.

“Fourth generation Oregonian here,” another wrote. “I have seen my beloved state turn into North California. The only way to get it back is to burn Portland and Eugene to the ground.”

The subreddit has come under fire many times for its users targeting enemies of Donald Trump. After the Parkland school shooting last year, many on r/The_Donald shared mocking images of the group of survivors who emerged as gun rights advocates. Critics have often compiled instances of harassment and calls for violence in an attempt to press Reddit into action.

Reddit has taken action against other subreddits that promote violence or harassment, as well of those displaying gory images. Some of these have been quarantined while others received an outright ban from the site.