‘Duck Dynasty’: New Country Song Dedicated To Reality Show Stars

red neck heroes song

Duck Dynasty is the focus of a brand new song. Country music singer Daniel Epperson describes himself as a redneck in possible sense of the term. The song is entitled “Red Neck Heroes.” The lyrics to the song herald the A&E reality show stars, Willie, Uncle Si, Jase, and Phil Robertson.

Fans of either country music or the show (or both) will likely more the “Red Neck Heroes” song to the top of their playlist. Daniel Epperson, 19, said the song sprang from a need to add one more track to his record in order to please Nashville producers.

The country music experts from Nashville suggested an “upbeat” song more or less based on Duck Dynasty and the Robertson clan, according to The Blaze. Epperson like the idea and responded via email that the hunting reality show stars are were his redneck heroes.

The producer loved the email line so much he encouraged Daniel Epperson to toss suitcases in his car and leave Indiana for a Nashville recording session. The singer/songwriter had this to say about the “Red Neck Heroes” song:

“It was getting pushed in the direction of simple town heroes these days, and finally I was like, let’s stop.”

Epperson suggested just redirecting the focus of the song to focus directly on the Duck Dynasty show. The producers uttered their concern that a potential chart topping song could be at risk if the lyrics solely addressed the reality show. The young singer was willing to assume the risk and tossed caution to the wind and followed his heart.

The original cut of the song was not the same version which is quickly racking up YouTube hits. After just two days of online visibility, the Duck Dynasty song seems well on its way to becoming a hit with country music fans.


The duck hunting millionaires and “Daryl Dixon” from The Walking Dead may have prompted the label “redneck” to be used in an affable manner, but it is still considered a slur by many rural folks. When driving down a back road singing along with the catchy new tune, you may want to tone the volume down a bit if you don’t actually live on a country road yourself. The guy in the pickup next to you at the stop sign might not take too kindly to hearing the word “redneck” come out of an urban dweller’s mouth. He might be a fan of the show too and just give you a big friendly wave, but really – is it worth the risk?

Daniel Epperson’s Can’t Get There From Here album is due to be released in March. The “Red Neck Heroes” song can be downloaded from his website now. Do you like the Duck Dynasty song?